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Generate and share payment links


Generate and share payment links

You can define a default payment link template for your tenant without the need for coding. Zuora uses this template to generate hosted payment pages and payment links for invoices that are posted after the Payment Link feature is enabled on your tenant. You can share the payment link of an invoice across multiple channels, such as invoice documents, emails, and text messages.

The Payment Link feature is in the Early Adopter phase. We are actively soliciting feedback from a small set of early adopters.

Before you start

  • Enable the Payment Link feature.
  • Ensure that a default payment gateway has been configured for the customer account or the tenant. Payments triggered by payment links will be processed through the default payment gateway. The default gateway of the customer account takes precedence over the default gateway of the tenant. For more information about how to specify the default payment gateway, see the following articles: Payment links are not supported on the Zuora Test Gateway, with the type labeled as Test Gateway. Make sure the default payment gateway of the customer account is not a Test Gateway.

Define a payment link template

A payment link template determines the look and feel of the hosted payment page that is opened by clicking a payment link. The payment fields on the page are pre-defined. You can customize the branding elements, including logos and colors. Zuora uses your default template to generate invoice payment pages and payment links for invoices on your tenant. You can define one payment link template on one tenant.

To define a payment link template, complete the following steps:

  1. In Zuora UI, click your username in the upper right and navigate to Settings > Payments > Setup Payment Page and Payment Link
  2. Click the Payment Link tab.
  3. In the left editing section, customize the brand icon, logo, page color, and payment button color to match your website. Ensure to review the tooltips to understand the requirements for the image. Note that the logo takes precedence over the icon. If a logo is uploaded, the icon will not be displayed.
  4. In the right preview section, preview how the invoice payment page will look like.
  5. At the bottom of the editing section, click Save.
  6. If you want to add the business name and web address of your company to the invoice payment page, configure them on the Public Business Information tab:
    1. Click the Public Business Information tab. 
    2. Click Edit.
    3. Enter your business name and web address for contact, and click Save.
      Your contact information will be presented in the form of Contact <Business_Name> in the lower left of the Invoice and Payment Details page and link to the website you specified.

Retrieve the payment link of an invoice

Follow the instructions in this section to retrieve payment links of invoices to share them with your customers.


  • You have defined a payment link template for your tenant.
  • The invoice is posted after the Payment Link feature is enabled on your tenant.
  • Ensure that the new UI experience is enabled. It is enabled by default.


Purpose Procedure
Retrieving the payment link of an individual invoice
  1. Open the invoice details page of the invoice.
  2. In the upper right of the page, click the more options icon payment-link-more.png, and then click Payment Link.
  3. In the popup dialog, click the copy icon payment-link-copy.png next to the payment link.
  4. Close the dialog.
Retrieving payment links in batches

Use Data Source Export or Data Query:

  • In Data Sources, export payment links through the Payment Link field of the Invoice object.
  • In Data Query, export payment links through the PaymentLink column of the Invoice table.

To view the hosted payment page of an invoice, open the payment link in a browser. 

Share a payment link

You can share a payment link as many times as you want across multiple channels. After you share a payment link, it is publicly accessible without authentication. For more information about the access limit of a payment link, see Overview of Zuora Payment Link.

You can paste the payment link retrieved from the invoice details page, Data Source Export, or Data Query to any documents or messages. Furthermore, by using the Invoice.PaymentLink merge field, you can embed the payment link in the following document templates in Zuora: 

  • HTML invoice templates
  • Email templates

The following table shows how to use the Invoice.PaymentLink merge field:

  Syntax Reference
HTML invoice template {{Invoice.PaymentLink}}
Email template <DataSource.Invoice.PaymentLink> Manage email templates

After your customer clicks the payment link, Zuora loads a hosted payment page where your customers can check the invoice and payment details, select the payment method, enter the payment method information to pay the invoice, as well as download the invoice. For invoices that have been paid, the hosted payment page presents the invoice and payment details.

The payment methods displayed on the invoice payment page will be managed automatically by Zuora depending on which payment methods are enabled on your tenant and are available on the device of the user who opens the link.

If the payment submitted through the payment link is successful, Zuora creates a payment record on the payment method used. On the payment details page, the source of this payment is marked as Payment Link.