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Verify Credit Card Gateway Options


Verify Credit Card Gateway Options

Z-Payments provides options to verify new and updated credit cards. These settings are applied at the gateway level, and can be different for different gateways, but they apply to all cards that are authorized through that gateway.

Verifying Credit Card Information

In gateway settings, when you enable either or both of the Verify new credit card and Verify updated credit card options, Z-Payments (within the Zuora UI and Zuora API) submits key information to the payment gateway to authorize all credit cards for authenticity and fraud prevention. The information passed to the payment gateway will include the Default Authorization Amount (which defaults to $1 in Z-Payments, but can be customized as needed), as well as the credit card holder's billing address, and the credit card security code (the latter two are passed to the gateway only if it is submitted to Zuora).

Card Authorization Timing

You can configure the gateway to authorize a credit card when a payment method is created (if you enable Verify new credit card) and when an existing payment method is updated (if you enable Verify updated credit card). These are the only times that an authorization for a payment method (card) occurs.

An authorization is not performed when subsequent payment transactions are processed through Z-Payments. One-cent authorizations verify the accuracy of the account and transit routing numbers for the card. It is standard practice for many businesses to authorize a credit card for one cent prior to charging it for payment.

Card Authorization Amounts

Although many financial institutions accept one cent authorizations, there are a number of banks that do not accept authorizations where the authorization amount is too small (for example, $0.01). These banks will reject cards that may or may not be valid simply due to the small authorization amount. This will affect cards entered in the Z-Payments UI as well as the API. In these cases, you can change the default authorization amount.