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Batch Gateway Reconciliation on Adyen


Batch Gateway Reconciliation on Adyen

Zuora's Adyen gateway integrations support the following event types for Batch Gateway Reconciliation :

  • Settlement
  • Rejection
  • Chargeback

If gateway reconciliation is enabled, Zuora retrieves settlement information from Adyen on a daily basis. The Gateway Reconciliation job for Adyen is scheduled to start at 11:00 pm (PST) every day.

Prerequisites for enabling gateway reconciliation in Zuora

Before enabling gateway reconciliation in your Adyen gateway instance, complete the following tasks in your Adyen merchant account:

  • Create report user credentials in the Adyen gateway to receive the settlement reports. The report user credentials will be entered in the Reconciliation Username and Reconciliation Password fields in the configuration page of the Adyen gateway instance. Report user credentials usually have the prefix report_ and are different from the credentials used for web service transactions. Contact if you need help creating report users and validating the credentials.
  • Configure your time zone setting in your Adyen merchant account to match the Zuora data center hosting your tenant:
    Zuora Data Center Base URL for Production Environment Time Zone
    US Cloud Data Center 1
    Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
    US Cloud Data Center 2
    Pacific Standard Time (including daylight savings time)
    EU Cloud Data Center
    Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

The following are tips to consider when configuring your Adyen Gateway with gateway reconciliation enabled:

  • For Zuora to perform gateway reconciliation with multiple merchant accounts, each merchant account must be subscribed to the report Payment Accounting Report in Adyen's backoffice.
  • If there are two instances of the same report with the same name, Zuora gateway reconciliation job might fail. Contact to remove the duplicate report.

Enable Gateway Reconciliation in Zuora

On the configuration page of your Adyen gateway instance, select Enable gateway reconciliation and enter Reconciliation Username and Password. For more information, see Set up and configure an Adyen Integration v2.0 instance.

Status mapping

The following table describes how different transaction status is mapped to the corresponding gateway reconciliation event type:

Status in Adyen records Gateway reconciliation event type
  • BulkSettlement
  • Refunded
  • RefundedBulk
  • RefundedExternally
  • RefundedExternallyWithInfo
  • Settled
  • SettledBulk
  • SettledExternally
  • SettledExternallyWithInfo
  • SettledInstallment
Transaction Settled
  • Error
  • Refused
Transaction Rejected
  • Chargeback
  • ChargebackExternally
  • ChargebackExternallyWithInfo
Transaction Reversed
  • Authorised
  • Received
  • SentForRefund
  • SentForSettle
Others Zuora will save the event type as "unknown" and take no further reconciliation action.

Best practice for using Adyen Gateway Reconciliation

  • For chargeback events, Zuora only supports processing the events with the same payment and settlement currency. If you use only one settlement currency for one Adyen merchant account and need to have chargeback events processed in Adyen Gateway Reconciliation, the best practice is:
  1. Create multiple Adyen merchant accounts with different currencies specified.
  2. Configure multiple payment gateway instances with different Adyen account specified.
  3. Assign payment gateway instances to customer accounts in different currencies.
  • Configure payment gateway instances in Zuora in correspondence with different Adyen accounts.