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Requirements for using CyberSource in Canada


Requirements for using CyberSource in Canada

If you are using the CyberSource gateway with First Data processor and you would like to process American Express credit card transactions which settle in Canadian currency, you will ensure you are using a First Data platform that supports your requirements. First Data has several payment processing platforms, including a legacy platform called First Data South and a more current platform called OmniPay (based out of First Data in Ireland). The OmniPay platform can process and settle in multi-currency. 

In order to process and settle in Canadian dollars for American Express payments, you must either: 

  • Use the OmniPay platform
  • Have CyberSource submit all American Express payment transactions directly to American Express (to clarify, American Express payments will not go through First Data and will be processed directly by American Express).  

Please work with both CyberSource and First Data to discuss your requirements and suitable options.