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CyberSource Tokenization gateway integration


CyberSource Tokenization gateway integration

CyberSource Tokenization is one of CyberSource solutions for secure payment. CyberSource Tokenization replaces the sensitive payment data with a unique identifier or a token that cannot be mathematically reversed so that you can keep raw payment data off your system entirely. You can use Zuora to create a payment gateway of this type to run your payment operations in a secure way.

Because Zuora has offered CyberSource v2.0 gateway integration that supports Credit Card Reference transactions in an easier way, CyberSource Tokenization becomes a legacy gateway integration no longer under active development.

This feature is in Limited Availability. If you want to have access to the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support

Configure the CyberSource Tokenization Gateway

To set up CyberSource Tokenization as your gateway, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to  Settings > Payments, and click Setup Payment Gateway
  2. Click Gateway Type field and select CyberSource Tokenization from the drop-down list.
  3. Click create gateway.
  4. On the New Gateway page, complete the gateway configuration fields. For detailed descriptions of each field, see Configuration Fields.
  5. Click save gateway information.

Configuration Fields

There are some common fields you must complete for every gateway configuration. We recommend you review Setting Up Payment Gateways for information on these fields including: 

  • Name
  • Use Gateway Test Environment
  • Default Authorization Amount
  • Verify new payment method (optional)
  • Verify updated payment method (optional)

In addition to the common fields, provide the following field values for CyberSource Tokenization.

  • Merchant ID: The Merchant ID is a unique value that identifies a merchant in the CyberSource system. CyberSource merchants have access to a CyberSource business center, and this ID is used to log into the Business Center. The ID is also submitted with every payment transaction sent from Zuora to CyberSource. 
  • Private Key: The private key is used to access the CyberSource system for the provided Merchant ID. The private key must be a .p12 file and the file name must be the same as the Merchant ID. For more information about how to obtain the private key, see the Simple Order API & SOAP Toolkit API page on the CyberSource website.
  • Commerce Indicator: The field is sent to CyberSource Tokenization to indicate the type of the transaction. Currently, only the following two values are supported:
    • None
    • Recurring

Supported Gateway Option Fields  

You can submit additional information to the CyberSource gateway using gateway options. Currently, CyberSource Tokenization supports the following Gateway Options fields:

  • Tokenize
  • PurchaserVatRegistrationNumber
  • InvoiceNum
  • SoldToContactState
  • SoldToContactCountry
  • SoldToContactZip
  • InvoiceDiscount
  • PayerAuthEnrollServiceReferenceID
  • PayerAuthValidateServiceAuthenticationTransactionID

These fields can be used in Payment Pages 2.0 or the following REST API: