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Overview of Mastercard payment gateway integration


Overview of Mastercard payment gateway integration

Supported features

The following table provides a quick reference for the supported features. For details about each feature, see the later sections in this article.

Supported payment methods
  • Credit Card/Prepaid Card/Gift Card
  • Credit Card Reference Transactions
Supported payment operations 

Validate (Both zero and non-zero amounts), Payment, Referenced refund, Non-referenced refund, Cancel

Support 3D Secure 2.0 No
Support Delayed Capture No
Support Level 2 and Level 3 card data Support only Level 2 card data
Support stored credential transactions No
Support Gateway Options fields Yes
Gateway provider’s API version version 59
Mastercard production endpoint used for Zuora gateway integration service{merchant-id}/order{merchant-id}/token

Support Gateway Reconciliation No
Support Payment Method Updater No

Supported payment methods

The Mastercard payment gateway integration supports the following payment methods:

  • Credit Card/Prepaid Card/Gift Card:
    • Visa
    • Visa Electron
    • Mastercard 
    • Maestro
    • American Express
    • Diners
    • JCB
    • Discover
  • Credit Card Reference Transactions

Support for Level 2 card data

The Mastercard gateway integration supports processing the following Level 2 card data for both Credit Card and Credit Card Reference Transaction payment methods. You must enable this feature to avoid payment failure in some regions.

  • order.taxAmount
  • order.itemAmount

The following table describes the data mapping relationship between Mastercard and Zuora for Level 2 card data processing:

Mastercard Zuora
order.taxAmount The sum of Tax*(Applied Amount/Invoice Amount)
order.itemAmount Total Amount - Tax Amount

For how to enable this feature in Zuora, see Set up and configure a Mastercard payment gateway instance.

For more information about Level 2 card data processing, see the following articles:

Supported Gateway Options fields

Through the Mastercard payment gateway integration, you can submit the following additional information to the Mastercard gateway by using the Gateway Options field in the Create a payment API opereation.

Mastercard field Zuora API field
taxAmount gatewayOptions.TaxSum

Here is an example for how to specify the parameters:

"gatewayOptions": {
    "TaxSum": "10"

Support for passing email to gateway

To help identify suspected frauds, the field is included in the following transactions to the Mastercard payment gateway:

  • Credit Card payment requests
  • Credit Card Reference Transaction payment requests

The field is populated with a value according to the following priority:

  • The email of the payment method
  • The BillTo work email of the account
  • The BillTo personal email of the account

If none of the above values are available, Zuora will perform the following operations:

  • For Credit Card payments, the field with an empty value is included in the request, and the payment will fail.
  • For Credit Card Reference Transaction payments, the field will not be included in the request, and the payment will be processed.