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Set up and configure a NETS gateway instance


Set up and configure a NETS gateway instance

Set up and configure a NETS gateway instance by using the information in this article, including prerequisites, configuration procedure, and descriptions of the configuration fields.


Before setting up and configuring a NETS gateway instance, ensure that you have met the following requirements:

  • Enable your Netaxept merchant account. You receive a Netaxept merchant ID which must be provided in each API call.
  • Obtain a merchant token from Netaxept. This token must be provided in each API call to validate the merchant.
  • Configure the gateway settings in the NETS console.
  • Enable the NETS payment gateway integration for your tenant. See Enable payment gateway integrations for your tenant for instructions.


Take the following steps to set up and configure a NETS gateway gateway instance:

  1. Click your username in the upper right and navigate to Settings > Payments > Setup Payment Gateway
  2. On the Configure Gateway Instance tab, select NETS from the Gateway Type drop-down list.
  3. Click Create Gateway.
  4. On the gateway settings page, specify values for the configuration fields. See below for more information on the fields.
  5. Click Save Gateway Information.

Configuration fields 

Common configuration fields

The following are the common configuration fields you must specify for all gateways. See Setting Up Payment Gateways for the general information about setting up a payment gateway and specifying the values for the common fields: 

  • Name: Name of this gateway instance
  • Use Gateway Test Environment
  • Cards Accepted
  • Default Authorization Amount: The value for this field must be greater than or equal to 1.00. 
  • Verify new payment method (required)
    The panHash token is required in the payment transactions. You must select the Verify new payment method checkbox in the configuration so that a panHash token is generated by NETS during the payment method verification.
  • Verify updated payment method (optional)

Specific configuration fields

In addition to the common fields, you must provide the following field values that are specific to the NETS gateway. The following fields are required.

  • Merchant Id: An identifier issued when you set up your Netaxept merchant account. The merchant Id is required in every API call.
  • Token: A special identifier that is used to validate the merchant in all transactions. Obtain this token from Netaxept. It is required in every API call.
  • Force 3D Secure Authentication: Enforces all authorizations to require 3D Secure authentication for Payment Pages 2.0. This setting works with the Enable 3D Secure setting in the configuration page of Payment Pages 2.0 to determine the scope of 3D Secure. The following table describes the processing logic: 
    Force 3D Secure Authentication (in gateway configuration) Enable 3D Secure (in Payment Pages 2.0 configuration) Outcome
    Disabled Disabled No 3D Secure authentication for all transactions
    Enabled Disabled No 3D Secure authentication for all transactions
    Disabled Enabled The 3D Secure authentication is required only for Payment Pages 2.0. Some credit cards might not go through 3D Secure.
    Enabled Enabled The 3D Secure authentication is required only for Payment Pages 2.0. All credit cards have to go through 3D Secure.