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Direct Debit for Worldline Global Collect Legacy


Direct Debit for Worldline Global Collect Legacy

Worldline has ceased support for this platform and new instances of this gateway are not supported in Zuora. Please use Worldline Global Collect instead.


Direct debit is a way of collecting funds for a payment directly from a customer’s bank account. It is a very common method of payment in many countries and is frequently used for payment of utilities (such as telephone bills) or mortgage which occur on a recurring basis.

Direct Debit: Pull Mechanism

Direct debit is a type of bank transfer based on a “pull” mechanism. Pull transactions occur when the merchant (the Zuora customer) initiates the transaction and payment is withdrawn by pulling the funds from the customer’s bank account. 

Popularity of Direct Debit

Direct debit is popular with merchants because the transaction fees associated with processing direct debit can be substantially less than the fees associated with processing credit cards. Additionally, direct debits are processed faster than a check payment sent via postal mail. Direct debit is popular with customers for a variety of reasons including: not having to deal with credit card interest fees, having the security of knowing that the direct debit scheme is closely monitored by the banking industry and requires authorization before debits can be made, as well as notification to the customer regarding changes in recurring fees. Payment reversals (such as charge backs) can still occur with direct debit even with mandates. However, the reversal process for the customer is not as easy as the reversal process for credit card payments.

See Direct Debit Mandates for more information about mandates. 

Supported Countries

The Worldline Global Collect Legacy integration supports direct debit payment processing for the following countries:

Country Local Name Zuora Direct Debit Type
Switzerland Lastschrift LastschriftCH
United Kingdom Direct Debit DirectDebitUK

 The Worldline Global Collect Legacy integration does not currently support direct debit for the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Implementing Direct Debit with Worldline Global Collect Legacy

See Implementing Direct Debit with Worldline Global Collect Legacy for more information about direct debit for the Worldline Global Collect Legacy payment gateway.