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Direct Debit Mandates


Direct Debit Mandates

This is the previous GlobalCollect (WebCollect Merchant Link) payment gateway integration. Worldline has ceased support for this platform and new instances of this gateway are not supported in Zuora. Please use Worldline Global Collect instead.

Unlike credit cards, you (the merchant) must obtain authorization from your customers to debit their bank account for payment. This authorization can be a confirmation page on the your web store in which authorization is confirmed by your customer when they accept your stated terms and conditions. Alternatively, the authorization can be provided using a signed agreement called a mandate.

Types of Mandates

Mandates include instructions and an authorization directing the bank to allow withdrawal of funds by the merchant (you) from your customer's bank account. Mandates can either be paper-based or electronic-based, and different countries have different rules for creating and processing mandates. 

Paper-based mandates require the customer to sign the agreement and send a copy to their bank and to the merchant.

Some countries allow electronic filing of mandates. In these cases, mandate information is prepared in a file which is sent to the gateway for processing. Payment transactions will only be approved by the bank once the mandate has been fully processed and becomes valid.  

Country Requirements

Mandates are used to protect customers from unauthorized debits from their account. Mandates are not required by all countries. The following table lists the countries in which the Worldline Global Collect Legacy integration supports direct debit payment processing, and which of those countries require mandates. If a country does not require mandates, merchants still have the option of requesting mandates from their customers in such country.

Country Zuora Direct Debit Type Mandate Required?
Switzerland LastschriftCH Required
United Kingdom DirectDebitUK Required

Mandate ID

The mandate ID is also referred to as the authorization ID on the mandate. This ID is generated by you, the merchant, and must follow the specific format submitted during the application process.

This number serves as a check to verify the correctness of the direct debit. Should global collect receive information regarding the change or cancellation of a mandate, this information will be forwarded to the merchant in the Mandate Report "MR" file (applicable to UK Direct Debit only). The Merchant should then take the appropriate action to update their database. 

Mandate Input File

Worldline Global Collect Legacy will provide a WebCollect Reporting Guide with instructions for preparing the mandate file. This electronic file with mandate information is only applicable to UK Direct Debit.

The mandate input file contains all mandate data in a flat ASCII-file format. The prepared file will be uploaded to the secure file folder (a SFT-account) provided by Worldline Global Collect Legacy. The upload should be done on a daily basis. 

Once the mandate is processed, Worldline Global Collect Legacy will provide responses from the direct debit networks regarding the status of the mandate. This information will be uploaded to the SFT-account. Worldline Global Collect Legacy will provide the merchant with documentation on how to prepare the mandate input file, upload the file to your SFT-account, and how to review the mandate response file.