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Export data of custom payment gateways and custom payment methods


Export data of custom payment gateways and custom payment methods

Export data through Data Query or Data Source Export

To export data related to custom payment gateways and the custom payment methods in transactions, you can use any of the following tools:

  • Data Query
    After a payment method of the defined type is created, it will take about 30 minutes to synchronize the relative data in Data Query before you can export data of this custom payment method.
  • Data Source Export

The following four fields contain data of the custom payment method. The definition data of the custom payment method, excluding the encrypted fields, can be exported through the Method Specific Data field of the Payment Method data source/object. For security reasons, the encrypted fields are removed from export results. 

  • Method Specific Data: The JSON string containing definition information of the custom payment method.
  • Method Reference Id: The identification reference of the custom payment method.
  • User Reference Id: The identification reference of the user or customer account.
  • Sub-Type: The identification reference indicating the subtype of the custom payment method.

Here is an example of the exported Method Specific Data field for a custom payment method type called GooglePay. This field contains all non-encrypted fields and their values of a GooglePay payment method.

    "GooglePay": {
        "NTI": "012201692163191",
        "GoogleExpiryDate": "12/2027",
        "TokenOriginator": "Orbital",
        "GoogleCardType": "VI",
        "PANType": "FPAN",
        "GooglePaymentToken": ".......",
        "MaskedPAN": "************1111"

Note that the Method Specific Data field, which is a common field of multiple objects related to Payment Method, can only be exported once in a query. If multiple objects in your query contain the Method Specific Data field, select or specify this field in only one object. For example, if you specify both the DefaultPaymentMethod and PaymentMethod objects in your query, select or specify the Method Specific Data field in either of these objects but not both.

Due to a limitation of Data Query, exporting the Method Specific Data field is not supported by Data Query. To export this field, use Data Source Export.

Export data through Zuora APIs

You can also retrieve data about the custom payment methods by using any of the following Zuora API operations: