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Overview of integrating your custom payment gateways and payment methods


Overview of integrating your custom payment gateways and payment methods

Universal Payment Connector (UPC) and Open Payment Method (OPM) services are frameworks developed by Zuora, which allow you to integrate your custom payment gateway and payment method to Zuora subscription, billing, and revenue management in a dynamic and flexible manner. With the support of UPC, you are able to create and integrate your custom payment gateway. OPM offers the capabilities to create your custom payment method type and payment method.

The custom payment method of the defined type can only be used with the custom payment gateway. It cannot be used with the Zuora out-of-box gateway integration such as GoCardless, Stripe, etc. The connections of Zuora's custom payment gateway integration are expected to be synchronous.

It is recommended to leverage a 3rd party tokenization service that is usually provided by the gateway, because payment method types requiring PCI are not supported by UPC and OPM.

For payment operations and features that are supported or not supported by UPC and OPM services, see the information in the Compatibility table.


The following table describes the compatibility of the custom payment gateway and payment method type with the Zuora features.

Compatible Not compatible
  • Payment run
  • Payment operations including payment method validation, payment, and referenced refund through UI and REST APIs
  • Creation of payment methods through the account creation and order creation REST APIs
  • Advanced Payment Manager in Zuora Collections
  • Configurable Payment Retry in Zuora Collections (See the  Configurable Payment Retry article for more information about the limitation.)
  • Payment transaction processing operations
  • Refund transaction processing operations
  • Data Source Export
  • Data Query (For limitations, see Export data of custom payment gateways and custom payment methods)
  • Hosted Payment Pages 2.0
  • Payment Method Updater
  • Zuora out-of-box gateway integration
  • Zuora out-of-box Gateway Reconciliation
  • Zuora SOAP APIs
  • Level 2 and Level 3 card data processing
  • 3D Secure 2.0 
  • Creation of the stored credential profile for a payment method through the Zuora UI or REST APIs
  • Payment operations including non-referenced refund, payment cancel, and delayed capture (transaction authorization and capture)
  • Zuora Fraud Protection

Notes for Zuora SOAP APIs

You cannot use the SOAP APIs to create, update, or delete a custom payment method. You can use the SOAP API to retrieve the following fields of a custom payment method:

  • MethodReferenceId: The identification reference of the custom payment method.
  • UserReferenceId: The identification reference of the user or customer account.
  • SubType: The identification reference indicating the subtype of the custom payment method.
  • MethodSpecificData: The JSON string containing definition data of the custom payment method.

If you have created a custom payment method through the Zuora UI or the REST APIs, you can then use your custom payment method in other SOAP APIs by specifying the PaymentMethodId field if it is available in the SOAP API. For example, you can specify the ID of your custom payment method in the PaymentMethodId field of the CRUD: Create a payment SOAP API and create a payment.