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Bundle Upload

Before the sales order lines can be automatically split into children transaction lines, you must define how RevPro should expand or explode a single sales order line into multiple transaction lines. To do this, you must upload the bundle definition file to RevPro.

Before You Begin

Before you can upload bundle definitions to RevPro, ensure the following requirements are met:

  • POB templates are created for each children lines of the bundle. For information, see Create POB Template.

  • Advanced rules are associated with the appropriate POB templates. For information, see Advanced Rule.


Complete the following steps to upload bundle definitions to RevPro:

  1. Navigate to File Upload > Bundle.

  2. If the bundle template does not exist yet, create one by completing the following steps:

    1. In the Templates section on the Bundle page, click icon-add.png. The New Bundle Template windows is displayed.

    2. In the Template Definition tab, provide a unique template name and optionally a short description.

    3. Toggle the Enabled switch to Yes to enable this template.

    4. Select the type of the file to be uploaded for the File Type field.

    5. If a review is required for the template, toggle the Is Review Required switch to Yes.

    6. (Optional): Select the date format to validate the date value in the uploaded file for the Data Format field.

    7. (Optional): Select the start row to identify the row number from which the actual data is inserted into the staging table from the uploaded file for the Start Row field.

    8. Click icon-save.png. The template is created.

    9. Click the Field Mapping tab, enable the fields as bundle criteria by toggling the Bundle Criteria column to Yes for the field. If the field does not exist, click icon-save-green.png to add it.

    10. Save the field mapping configuration by clicking icon-save-green.png and close the window.

  3. To upload the bundle definition based on a template, complete the following steps:

    1. In the Templates section on the Bundle page, hover your mouse over the template line and click the Freeze icon icon-freeze.png so that no changes can be made in the template.

    2. Click the Download Template icon icon-download-template.png to download the template file.

    3. Open the template file, fill in the bundle information, and save the file.




      Bndl Cfg Valid From

      Required for the parent line.

      The effective start date of the line item.


      Note: If the start date is not provided for the children line, it follows the start date of the parent line. If a valid start date is present for the children line, it takes precedence over the parent line’s start date.

      Bndl Cfg Valid Until

      The effective end date of the line item.

      Parent Item Num

      The parent product/item number for all the children lines.

      Sell Price Split Type

      Required for the parent line.

      The calculation method for splitting the selling price. Valid values are:

      • PCT_OF_SP: Calculate based on a percentage.

      • FIXED_PRICE: A fixed sell price.

      • SAME: The same price as the parent line.

      Sell Price Split val

      Applicable to children lines only.

      The selling price of the children line as a percentage of the parent line’s selling price.

      List Price Split Type


      List Price Split Val


      Bndl Cfg Quantity

      The quantity of the line item in the bundle configuration.

      For example, if the parent item quantity is 2 and the children line item quantity is 3, the actual quantity of the split line items is 6.

      Bndl Cfg Duration

      The term in months of the line item.

      Bndl Cfg Item Num

      The SO item number of the parent line or children line.

    4. Hover your mouse over the template line and click the Upload icon.

    5. In the File Upload window, choose the local file with the bundle information that you added and click Upload.


In the Uploaded Files section on the Bundle page, you can view the file upload result. 

What to Do Next

After the bundle definition file is uploaded to RevPro, the sales order file can be uploaded with one line (parent) and the total sales order value. Revpro will split the sales order line details into multiple children lines based on the bundle definition and POB templates.

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