Billing Waterfall Report

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Billing Waterfall Report

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The values from the Billing Waterfall Report must be reconciled with the Accounting Details Report and the Billing Rollforward Report.

To reconcile this report, ensure the following conditions are met:

  • The amortized amount of the current period must agree with the Net Change (Cr - Dr) with the following filter values applied for the current period of the Accounting Detail Report.

    • Account Type = Contract Liability

    • Initial Entry = N

    • Unbill Flag = N

  • The Current Period Billed Revenue must agree with the billing activity (invoice amount) for the period from the Billing Report.

Report Name Value in Report Matched Value Matched Report
Billing Waterfall Report Amortized Amount of Current Period

(Cr - Dr) where:

  • account Type = Contract Liability
  • Initial Entry = N
  • Unbill Flag = N
Accounting Detail Report
Billing Activity (invoice amount) Bill Rollforward Report
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