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Billing Rollforward Report


Billing Rollforward Report

Consider the following data points before you perform reconciliation for the Billing Rollforward Report:

  • Beginning Balance
  • Additions
  • Releases
  • Ending Balance (R CL Ending Bal)

To reconcile this report, ensure the following conditions are met:

  • The Beginning Balance value of the Billing Rollforward Report must be consistent with the R CL Ending Bal value of the prior period in the Billing Rollforward Report.
  • The Additions value must be the same as the R CL Additions value in the RC Rollforward Report.
  • The Releases value must be the same as the Net Change (Cr - Dr) with the following filter values applied in the Accounting Detail Report:
    • Account Type = Contract Liability
    • Initial Entry Flag = N
    • Unbilled Flag = N
  • The R CL Ending Bal value equals the sum of Beginning Balance, Additions, and Releases values.
Report name Value in report Matched value Matched report
Billing Rollforward Report Beginning Balance R CL Ending Balance of the prior period Billing Rollforward Report
Additions R CL Additions RC Rollforward Report

(Cr - Dr) where:

  • Account type =  Contract Liability
  • Initial Entry Flag = N
  • Unbill Flag = N
Accounting Detail Report
R CL Ending Bal Beginning Balance + Additions + Releases Billing Rollforward Report