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Reporting glossary

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RevPro Reports are built based on the comprehensive data stored in multiple physical tables. Refer to this spreadsheet for a complete list of all available report fields for the latest version. 

Starting from the second row in the spreadsheet, each row represents an available field in one report with the following information provided:

  • Report category: The category that the report belongs to in the UI, such as Revenue, Transactions, or SOX And Audit.
  • Report name: Name of the report.
  • Data category: The category that the field belongs to. This information can help you locate the field when you are editing the report layout.
  • Physical table: Name of the physical table based on which the report is built.
  • Field name: Name of the available field in the report.
  • Description: A short description of the field.

RevPro reporting glossary is updated on a quarterly basis. The spreadsheet name indicates the RevPro version that provides the contained report fields. Click the following file to download the reporting glossary for a previous version:

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