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Zuora Revenue Release Notes


Zuora Revenue Release Notes

This article provides a summary of new features, enhancements, and resolved issues that have been delivered since version Zuora Revenue

New features and enhancements

The following new features and enhancements are available in this release. 

here_black.png Manual Journal Entries 

UI enhancements for MJE

Earlier, the Save button was enabled after all the mandatory fields were completed. The UI of the MJE did not highlight the missing fields required to pass the journal entry. This release simplifies the process of MJE by enabling the Save button by default. When you click Save, The JE lines highlight the required fields that are not completed and ignore the blank fields. You are no longer needed to delete empty fields manually. 


For more information, see MJE upload

here_black.png Close Process dashboard

Multiple filter feature for Close Process Dashboard

Previously, there was a restriction on the Entity and Account filter available on Accounting Analysis, Trend Analysis, and Trial Balance tabs. With this release, the filter supports multiple value selections based on your preference. You can also use the Reset button to reset your filters quickly.


Period Close from CPD for Multi-org

During Q3 of 2022, we provided Period Close from Close Process Dashboard (CPD) for single-org customers. With this release, Multi-org customers are also enabled to perform Period Close from CPD.

Ensure you have role-based access to the applicable CPD tabs to perform a Period Close. By default, this will be visible to you only if you're a RevPro superuser.

Navigate to Accounting > Period Open/Close and click the Initiate Close Period button. View your period close template in the Close Process Dashboard > Period Close Tasks tab. Based on your configuration, CPD will let you perform the close either at Book Level or Org Level. (MAINTAIN_OPEN_PERIOD profile determines your Period Close level)


  • The Period Open template is skipped as the mandatory job of 'Revpro3.0 Reporting Period Open' is automatically executed by CPD. 

  • Review any task as part of your Period Open template and complete the task manually after Period Open. Manual activity completed must be documented in the Revenue operations guide or manual for Close.

  • You are no longer required to execute the RevPro3.0 Netting Process as part of Period Open.

If the Close process dashboard is not enabled on your tenant, you will continue to execute the Period Close template from the current UI. You will transition to the new process as we enable the dashboard in your tenant in the upcoming months.

For more information, see Close current period

Trend Analysis tab

Trend Analysis Detail tab showed only the top 40 revenue contracts or contributors. This has now been enhanced to show you all the items by introducing a CPD_TREND_RC_TOP40 profile to let you view the top 40 or all the revenue contracts or contributors.


By default, the System Level Value is set to no. To view only the top 40 items, set this field to yes and click save. 

Period Close tasks - Close by Book for Multi-org ( and later)

In the release, Zuora Revenue extended the ability to close the period from CPD for customers who implemented multi-organizations (multi-org) in the system. The ORG drop-down field in the CPD displayed the name of the org for multi-org tenants who can close at the book level. This issue has been addressed in the current release as given below.

Tab Multi-org -Close by Org Multi-org - Close by Book
Through all the CPD tabs except the Period Close Tasks tab You can select any org from the ORG drop-down field. The information in the CPD tabs will be generated for the selected org.  
Through the Period Close Tasks Tab You must close the period for the applicable org selected in the ORG drop-down field of the CPD. The ORG drop-down will auto-display only ALL value in the ORG drop-down field since the system will close the period at the book level and not at a specific org level.

Period Close Timeline Trend ( and later)

Period Close Timeline UI is now added to the Close process dashboard. This will help you to view the number of days to close your revenue book for each period and view trends for up to 12 months. Additional metrics like period name, date of period close, days to close, etc., provide detailed information.

here_black.png Allocation

Revenue Deferral & Re-Allocation

From this release, if the ENABLE_PROS_PARTIAL_PROFILE is enabled, the partial deferral of the contractual revenue will not reallocate the contract. The carve values of the lines maintain as it is. Based on the percentage of the deferral release, the contractual and allocation revenue are reversed. If there any contract modifications after the reversal, system will use the ending balance of the prior period to calculate the carve.

here_black.png Consumption Revenue

Add on Module

The Add On Module of the Consumption Revenue supports revenue recognition for companies who offer Consumption-based Multi-Product packaging. Before this release, companies that offer Consumption-based Multi-Product packaging could recognize revenue for each product through a single revenue ledger account that references the commitment of the entire package.  With this release, Companies that offer Consumption-based Multi-Product packaging can now recognize revenue for each product through different revenue ledger accounts.

If you are a stand-alone Zuora Revenue customer, add the relevant fields to the  Sub-Product and DD_Rev_Segments section in the Consumption Upload file. For Zuora Billing and Zuora Revenue joint customers (customers who have purchased both the Advanced Consumption Billing and Consumption Revenue Add-On modules), configure the GL Segment on the Zuora Billing Usage Charges. The GL Segments configured on the individual Zuora Billing Usage Charges will drive the Revenue Sub-Ledger posting for Zuora Revenue.

Limitation: This enhancement does not support Reduction Order (RORD) or cancelation use cases. 

Currently, when RORD is utilized, or when there is cancelation in the integrated use case (Zuora Billing and Zuora Revenue), the reversal revenue will reference the GL account configured at the Sales Order Commit Line level rather than at the Usage Event level when DD_Rev_Segments is referenced.

here_black.png UI enhancements

Operand value limit extended for mass actions

During a mass action operation, the “operand” and the “filter value” field in the action window could not accommodate more characters while adding the lines in the IN condition. When the user tries to defer more lines through mass action, the activity becomes challenging to add manually. This has now been enhanced to accommodate more characters by increasing the operand limit to 4000 characters. Increasing the operand field size allows providing the values as comma-separated values in the operand itself rather than entering them as a single value in the filter value under the action tab.

New fields available in Revenue Workbench

In the Usage History window, which is opened by clicking the usage amount in the Consumption History view of the Line Details window in the Contracts/Order Tab, the following new fields are added:

  • Revenue Segment - Represents the Revenue Segment utilized for at the Product level for Multi-Product Packages

    Example: Both SKU A and SKU B can draw from $100 commitment, and user need ability to post SKU A to a/c 4001 and SKU B to a/c 4002

here_black.png Miscellaneous Functions

Accessibility conformance report for Zuora Revenue

Zuora Revenue now provides accessibility support to empower users with disabilities to use our product more effectively. The accessibility support helps customers address global accessibility requirements conforming to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.x.

Zuora offers the below Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR) based on the ITI Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT®):

WCAG 2.x - Accessibility Conformance Report

Issues resolved in this release

See Resolved Issues in and Later to get a complete list of all issues resolved in this release.