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Zuora RevPro 36.007.00 Release Notes


Zuora RevPro 36.007.00 Release Notes

This article provides a summary of new features, enhancements, and resolved issues in the Zuora RevPro version 36.007.00.

New Features and Enhancements

The following new features and enhancements are available in this release.

Calculate RC Overview Details in Lowest Common Currency 

Previously, the MULTI_CURR_FV_REPORT_LEVEL profile applies only to the multi-currency revenue contracts that are eligible for allocations to determine the allocation currency. If a multi-currency revenue contract is not eligible for allocation, values that are displayed in the Overview tab of RevPro Workbench are not correctly calculated by adding amounts based on the transactional currency.

From this release, this profile also applies to the multi-currency revenue contracts that are not eligible for allocations. You can use the system level value of this profile to specify whether to use the lowest common currency or the reporting currency to calculate the values for both types of revenue contracts.

Configurable Date Format for MJE Upload

Previously, when you create an upload template for MJEs, you cannot specify the date format for the uploaded MJE data. Only the DD-MMM-YYYY date format is supported.

From this release, when you create a new MJE upload template, the Date Format field is added to the New Manual JE window for you to select the appropriate date format from a drop-down list. 

This enhancement applies to the new UI only. Templates that are created in a previous version are not affected by this enhancement.

Issues Resolved in This Release

The following major problems or issues are fixed in this release. Refer to the attached CSV file to get a list of all issues that have been resolved in this release.

  • In contract modification setup, the New POB within SSP Range rule is configured to create a new revenue contract. However, after a revenue contract (RC2) is created for new lines within the SSP range, the line with the same SO Line ID in the next batch is collected as a new line in another new revenue contract (RC3) instead of updating the existing revenue contract (RC2). 
  • In the new UI, selected fields cannot be changed in the Manage Cost Field window, although cost stratification criteria have not been defined in the Manage Cost Types window. 
  • The waterfall report data does not match the waterfall data in the UI. The Current Period Summarization Program does not pick up the adjustment schedules that are deleted for CM-R so the adjustment schedules are still included in the waterfall report. 
  • POB template migration fails with the ORA-06502 error reported. 
  • Index error occurs during allocation. 
  • In Contract Modification setups, when Line Level SSP Date is the selected for the Derive SSP/RSSP Date field of Revision Timeline section, the ORIG_FV_DATE value is not populated as expected. 
  • When the $0 line is collected with term changes, allocation schedules do not follow the revenue schedules. For example, carves still exist even after the end date of the line. 
  • The VC amount is not populated in the RPRO_RC_LINE_G table for the revenue contracts that are not eligible for allocations. 
  • The percentage of released revenue is greater than 100%. 
  • In Contract Modification setups, when Revision Period Date is the selected for the Derive SSP/RSSP Date field of Revision Timeline section, the FV_DATE and GRP_ID values are not correctly populated. 
  • The Manual Link Line/POB contract modification rule is triggered for a line that is not eligible for allocation. 
  • When RORD is processed before invoicing and the invoice value is greater than the transaction price, the following issues are observed:
    • Ext Sell Price is increased by the invoice.
    • The retain percent is not working.
    • The accounting entries are incorrect. 
  • The carve-in amount of $0.01 is created for the RSSP line with Allocatable Ext Price being $0. 
  • In the Workbench of the new UI, no data is displayed when you want to view journal entries for a specific line on the Revenue Contract Details page. 
  • The RevPro3.0 Sweep Unposted Schedules program takes a long time to complete.