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Zuora RevPro 36.006.00 Release Notes


Zuora RevPro 36.006.00 Release Notes

This article provides a summary of new features, enhancements, and resolved issues in the Zuora RevPro version 36.006.00.

New Features and Enhancements

The following new features and enhancements are available in this release.

Search Filter Available for Multiple Field Selection

Previously, when you select some fields from the Available Fields section and move them to the Selected Fields section, you have to scroll the whole field list up and down to locate the target fields.

From this release, the search box is added in a shuttle for both the Available Fields section and the Selected Fields section. The listed fields dynamically change based on the characters that you type in the search box. This improvement can reduce the time that is spent on selecting fields for various configurations, such as the layouts and stratification.

This enhancement applies to the new UI only.

Predefined Stage Validation for Sales Order and Invoice Transaction Fields

Previously, setting up stage validation rules is an optional user configuration. Only after the rules are set up correctly, stage validation can be performed to guarantee that the source data from the upstream system contains the correct mandatory fields for RevPro to process.

From this release, the stage validation process is by default enabled for sales order lines and invoice lines. Validation is performed against the following rules:

  • The currency must be set up in RevPro. The number of decimals for each currency cannot exceed the number of decimals that are specified in the currency setup.
  • The exchange rate cannot be negative.
  • The End Date cannot be earlier than the Start Date.
  • The Duration/Term field cannot be negative.
  • The number of accounting segments that come with the transaction lines must align with the accounting segments defined in RevPro.
  • For sales order lines, the Order Qty, SO Line Id, and SO Date fields are mandatory.
  • The CT Mod Date cannot be earlier than the SO Date.
  • If the Impairment Type field value is present, it must be empty or one of the following values:
    • NEW POB
  • The FV Date cannot be a date that is later than the current open period.

If the source data does not satisfy the validation rules, explicit error messages are provided to help you correct the data in RevPro staging tables before further data processing.

This improvement can prevent inappropriate data from being uploaded to RevPro in an early phase and help reduce the data fixes that are required to address corrupted records in RevPro.

Improved Group By Val Field in Workbench

Previously, when you review a revenue contract on the Revenue Contract Detail page, the Group By Val field displays the RC grouping rule ID and the value of the attribute that is included in the rule.

From this release, the Group By Val field is changed to display the RC grouping template name and the rule name, which can help you effectively decide the RC grouping criteria that are applied.

This enhancement applies to the new UI only.

Launch Summarization Program from Summarization Snapshot Details Window

If any accounting update of a revenue contact happens after the latest summarization program, a warning is displayed in the UI and the revenue contracts with these accounting updates are also indicated.

As a complement to this feature, from this release, you can start the summarization program directly from the Summarization Snapshot Details window.

If the summarization program is running, the Summarization Snapshot Details window will be disabled to start the summarization program again until the current program completes.

This enhancement applies to the new UI only.

Restrict Fully Amortized and $0 lines in the Waterfall Report

Previously, if a line has been fully amortized before the current open period, it is still displayed in the waterfall report. The prior period amount shows its full value and the current and future period amount shows 0.

From this release, to facilitate report reconciliation, all the lines in the revenue contract that are fully amortized or have a $0 value are excluded from the waterfall report. This change can also make the report run faster because the number of lines to be summarized decreases.

This enhancement applies to both the new UI and the old UI.

More Fields Displayed for Revenue Overview 

The following information is added to the Overview tab on the Revenue Contract Detail page:

 Account Change Period - Based on the Revpro period of the latest change in the accounting aspect of the Revenue Contract.

This enhancement applies to both the new UI and the old UI.

New Stage Handler for Customized SSP Allocation 

From this release, to support customized SSP allocation, one stage handler named Before Contractual Prospective is added to trigger retrospective allocation when Contractual Prospective is enabled.

Issues Resolved in This Release

The following major problems or issues are fixed in this release. Refer to the attached CSV file to get a list of all issues that have been resolved in this release.

  • MJE schedules are still created even after the MJE has been rejected. 
  • Initial entries are not created for the CM-C line. 
  • RORD is not processed as expected after the 36.004.00 patch is deployed. 
  • The Unbilled Fx Report should display Gain/Loss for RORD processed based on different exchange rate. 
  • When the contract modification triggers prospective allocation, the system still performs retrospective allocation and the CT_MOD_END_DT value is wrong. 
  • In the downloaded LT/ST schedules, the Cr Segments column displays the account name and the Dr Segments column displays the wrong value for the current account. 
  • Initial entries are not created for the CM-R line. 
  • Journal entries are not posted due to the number rounding problem. For example, the transactional currency value is expected to be rounded to 2 decimals. However, the system rounds it to 4 decimals. 
  • Unbalanced accounting is posted. 
  • After SO updates are collected, the CRTD_PRD_ID is updated. 
  • In the new UI, after the custom data is uploaded, no entries are displayed in the uploaded file summary. You have to refresh the browser and try again to see the data entries. 
  • The Waterfall Report displays wrong revenue adjustment values after several lines are delinked from the RC. 
  • Cannot add more than 50 columns to display in a Workbench layout. 
  • The revenue contract is still displayed as Initial in the Workbench even after contract modifications have occurred. 
  • In the new UI, the Reset button does not work when you are setting search criteria in the Workbench.