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Zuora RevPro 36.001.00 Release Notes


Zuora RevPro 36.001.00 Release Notes

This article provides a summary of new features, enhancements, and resolved issues in the Zuora RevPro application.

From the November Release, 2018, Zuora RevPro is updating its version naming convention. The latest release version is 36.001.00.

New Features and Enhancements

Netting Report Now Available

Previously, you could not identify if a revenue contract participated in the netting process performed at the application level. In this release, RevPro provides a Netting Report that displays which revenue contracts are part of the JE head and presents corresponding values. You can reconcile the Contract Asset account balance of the revenue contract with the hash total of JE by running this report. 

The following list summarizes this enhancement:

  • Report Name: Netting Report
  • Report Category: Revenue
  • Report Description: Displays the revenue contracts and the corresponding Contract Assets amount from the application-level netting for each period.

Support for Associating Filters to Existing Report Layouts

Previously, if you wanted to add a filter to a specific layout, you must create a new layout and then associate the filter to it. Associating a filter to an existing custom layout was not supported. In this release, RevPro enhances the Reporting Layout framework in order to ease the process of adding filters to the existing report layouts. With this enhancement, you can now associate a filter to a custom layout that was defined earlier.

SSP Group ID Added in RevPro Standard Reports

RevPro now improves its standard reports by populating an SSP Group ID attribute in the Available Fields list in the Fields tab while you are editing the layout of a specific report. This field was not available in all standard reports before this release.

Enhancement in Netting Process for MJEs

For an MJE that was linked to an RC line, RevPro previously did not support reclassifying the Contract Liability to the Contract Assets for the unbilled MJEs. The Netting process is now enhanced to take the manual journal entries linked to the revenue contracts into consideration. The NETTING_RC_MJE profile is introduced for this purpose. If the value of the profile is set to Y, then MJE linked with a revenue contract line is included for the netting purpose. This enhancement helps you to adjust and reflect the right CA/CL balances due to topside journal entries.

MJEs Linked to Line Level are Included in Revenue Reports 

RevPro now enables the MJEs to be linked at the RC Line level from the following reports:

  • RC Rollforward Report
  • Revenue Insight

A filter option is introduced to differentiate the MJE transaction lines and the lines through the collection.

  • If the MJE filter value is Y, only MJE transactions are pulled into the report.
  • If the filter value is N, the lines from the collection are pulled into the reports.
  • In order to pull the value of both the MJE transaction lines and regular lines, you must set the filter value to NULL.

This enhancement gives the complete integration of manual journals in the reporting architecture.

New Field Added in Revenue Contract Overview

RevPro now introduces the Account Change Date field in the Revenue Contract Overview page. This field was not available to you prior to this release. The Account Change Date field is added to enhance the Validation programs.

Layout Filter Available in Multiple Tabs of RC Workbench

The layout feature for the Workbench was previously only available to the Contracts/Orders tab where you can create a layout with the fields you want. This feature was not available for the other tabs in the Workbench. RevPro enhances the RC Workbench in this release. The layout feature is now available in the following tabs of the RC Workbench as well:

  • Billings
  • Contract Modification
  • Reduction Orders
  • Price Change Orders
  • Carves Analysis

Permissions Enabled for Report Layouts

All report layouts were accessible to all users, which could result in the situation where a layout created by one user is overridden by others. From this release, the permissions to access the report layouts are enabled. The Owner, All (Readonly), and All permissions are now available to you to configure the accessibility of layouts.

  • Owner: Only the creator can view/edit/run/delete the layout.
  • All (Readonly): Everyone can view and run the layout, but only the creator can edit or delete it.
  • All: Everyone can view/edit/run/delete the layout.

All standard layouts are fixed at the All (Readonly) permission. The permission of the custom layouts is set to All by default. 

SOB ID and Currency Code Auto-Population into MJE Now in General Availability

Starting from this release, the feature of automatically populating the Set of Books ID (SOB ID) and Currency Code into MJE is in general availability. No additional customization is needed to populate the SOB ID through customization. Previously, this feature was only available to specific customers. 

See MJE Setups for more information.

Support for Manually Deferring and Releasing Costs

When a cost was processed independent of revenue, you could not manually defer and release the cost from the RC Workbench previously. With this release, RevPro enables you to manually defer and release the cost from the RC Workbench if the cost type setup indicates that the cost release is independent of the revenue release. This feature is only applicable to the cost types where the revenue is disassociated from.

Enhancements for GL/MJE Interface Mapping

When the Transfer Accounting Outbound file was generated, the records in the file were not in the sequence of how the mapping was defined. In most cases, you had to delete and recreate the records in the GL INT MAP table to change the mapping sequence. In this release, RevPro provides the Display Sequence column in the GL/MJE Interface Mapping page. This column ensures the records are displayed in the defined mapping sequence.

In addition, the field names were displayed as the label names when the file or the report was generated. The Display Label column is also added in the GL/MJE Interface Mapping page. This enhancement enables you to customize the label names that will be displayed in the file or reports.

Resolved Issues

The following major problems or issues are fixed in this release. Refer to the attached CSV file to get a list of all issues that have been resolved in this release.

Unsupported POB Dependency Types in UI

Previously, the user interface of POB templates displayed multiple dependency types:

  • Follow Parent
  • Upon any End 
  • Upon any Start
  • Upon End
  • Upon Start

However, the dependency types shown in the UI were restricted only to Upon Start. The unsupported dependency types are now removed from the UI so that the UI and API are consistent.

Operation Performed Multiple Times with Multiple Clicks

While you were performing the actions that were available in the RC Workbench, if you accidentally clicked the save button multiple times in succession, the operation would be performed multiple times accordingly. This issue is now resolved. After the first click, a loader with the Operation in progress message will be displayed. The UI is frozen until this operation is completed.

Cost Uploaded after Revenue Release Not Released Correctly

If you configured the Cost follows Revenue Release rule in a POB, the rule worked only if the cost was already uploaded before the revenue release. The CST lines that come into the system after the revenue recognition could not be released. RevPro now resolves this issue and the cost can be released correctly based on the setting.

Allocatable Extended Price Not Updated after Updating a Released SO with $0

For a SO collected for the amount greater than and released, if you bring the updated SO with $0, the allocatable extended price was not updated accordingly. This issue is resolved now. In the same scenario, the allocatable extended price will be updated to 0.

Override Approvers Cannot Approve MJE If MJE Creator was Approver

Previously, any Override Approver could not approve an MJE if the creator of this MJE was configured as the Approver in the MJE rule. This issue is resolved in this release. MJEs can now be approved by the Override Approvers configured in the system.

Duplicate Cost Lines Created After Uploading Manual Invoices

You might run into the issue where you have uploaded manual invoices into RevPro and SO lines were created accordingly, however, duplicate Cost lines were generated. The Cost lines are now created and displayed correctly after manual invoices are uploaded into the system. So this issue no longer exists.

Password Reset Failure Using "Forgot Password"

The Forgot Password function in the RevPro landing page did not work properly prior to this release. When you attempted to reset your password using the Forgot Password function, an email would be sent to your specified email address, whereas the Reset Password URL in the email would direct to a blank page. This issue is fixed now and the link in the password reset email now correctly links to the password reset page where you can reset your password.

SSP Percentage Displayed on RC Workbench Not Formatted Correctly

SSP Percentage displayed in the RC Workbench should always be based on the PCT_FORMAT Profile. Previously, if you uploaded SSP files with decimal values, the SSP percentage did not conform to the format defined in the PCT_FORMAT profile in some cases. This issue is resolved in this release.

No Data Displayed While Trying to Upload POB Level Holds

After switching to POB in an RC Detail Workbench, if you clicked Apply/Release Holds in the drop-down menu and then click Update Data at the POB level, you might find that no data was found although several POB level holds were applied to this RC, which can be searched upon. This issue is resolved and now the holds applied at the POB level are correctly populated into the page.

CM-C Lines after Recognition Result in Wrong Release Percent

When you collected SO and INVOICE and recognized the revenue partially in such a way that some revenue released from SO and some from INVOICE. If you collected CM-C against the INVOICE which revenue scheduled partially then Release Percentage (REL_PCT) would be updated to a wrong number. In this release, the Release Percentage for percent based POBs is calibrated, so this issue no longer exists.

Incorrect Amount of Allocation Schedules in RC Waterfall

If you collected SO and INV lines with Upon Booking POB, performed the transfer Accounting, and open the next period, you might find that the RC Waterfall had the incorrect distribution of allocation schedules on full CM lines of a consolidate POB. This issue is now fixed. The distribution amount of allocation schedules is correct in the same scenario.

Waterfall Not Updated with Term Changes on RC Lines

In the scenario where you used the Term change enabled POB template and collected SO and INV lines in the first batch, then you collected the updated SO with a term change, the Waterfall was not displaying correctly based on the term change. RevPro resolves this issue in this release. The Waterfall is now updated correctly in the same situation.

New VC Estimate Type Applied Although Stratification Did Not Match

Suppose you collected sales orders with a selling price in a batch and the system applied the VCs based on the stratification and formula. If you uploaded the $0 Estimate for the Limited Right of Return VC, and later collected the updated SO with another selling price, you could find that the new VC Estimate Type was incorrectly applied to the Limited Right of Return even though the VC stratification did not match. No value was displayed in the Formula column. RevPro fixes this issue now, which prevents the new VC estimate type from being applied incorrectly. 

Child Line Term Stamped as 1 Instead of Actual Term After Unbundling

Previously, if you brought in a SO line with a start date and an end date with term value as null with bundle configuration have term value in the configuration. This results as child line have always the term1.In this release, this issue is resolved. In the same case, the term is stamped as the actual term as expected.

Lead Line Cancellation Applied on Non-Consolidated POB

Previously, the lead line cancel hold could be applied to the SO lines for both consolidated POBs and non-consolidated POBs. This is incorrect and it has been fixed in this release. The lead line cancel hold can now be applied only on consolidated POBs.

Incorrect Cost Reversal When Collecting Updated SO and Invoice

In some cases, the cost reversal did not work properly when you brought updated SO and Invoice comes with different cost amount. This issue is resolved in this release. The reversal schedules are created with the correct amount now.

Cost-Related Reports Not Displaying Attributes Sent on CST Lines

If you previously collected SO lines and CST lines with the following attributes with values:

  • Cost Attribute 11 to Cost Attribute 60
  • Number 1 to Number 15
  • Date 1 to Date 5

None of these fields was visible in the cost-related reports. RevPro resolves this issue in this release. Values in these Attributes columns can be included in Cost reports because these attributes in the following reports can be added to their custom layouts now:

  • Cost Insight
  • Manual POB Report
  • Unreleased POB(s) Report
  • POB Dependencies
  • Cost Transactions
  • Cost Transaction Changes
  • Cost Capitalized Rollforward Report

Netting Performed at Both Contractual and Adjustment Levels

If you wanted to do only the Adjustment posting during the RevPro ASC 606 implementation, you could encounter issues in the netting process because previously, netting did not segregate between Contractual entries and Adjustment entries. The Contractual entries also participated in the netting process. In this release, RevPro added a new NETTING_ALLOC_ONLY profile that creates netting entries just for Allocations. This profile enables you to perform the netting process at only the Adjustment level.

SSP Range Not Updated in Prospective Allocation

If you uploaded some SO lines during the initial transaction upload period and uploaded another line that modified the contract with the Prospective effect the in the next period, both the Above SSP Price and Below SSP Price of all previous lines were not updated. This issue is resolved in this release. Both prices are now updated based on the posted percentage.

VC Revenue Schedules Issue

Previously, when you collected the SO lines where the POB Ratable Method field was set to Upon Billing, then you applied Variable Considerations and manually released these SO lines, the VC revenue schedules were not get released. This issue is resolved now and VC revenues are released or deferred based on the SO start date and end date.

Percent-Based POB Not Released Correctly If SO or INV Updated with Decreased Selling Price

Previously, you could encounter the issue where both the released percentage (REL_PCT) and recognized amount (REC_AMT) were incorrect if you brought updated SO with the selling price less than its original SO selling price. RevPro fixes this issue now and percent based POBs are now released correctly.

POB Advance Rule Setup Issue

In the process of creating an Advance Rule, after specifying the parameters, you could run into the issue where the system did not allow you to add the action criteria in the Goods and services tab if you selected a grouping identifier. This issue is fixed in this release. You can successfully add and save Advance Rules now.

FV Group ID Cached during Prospective

If you collected 3 FV batches in different periods for the same item and collected SO lines in period1, RevPro would select the FV batch of the period1. After you posted it, if you collected new SO lines with the SO book date as period2 later, RevPro would still select the FV batch of the period1 because the FV Group ID was cached. This issue is resolved in this release.

Contract Modification Rules Mistakenly Triggered in Initial Period

Previously, for two revenue contracts(RC1 and RC2), if you manually delinked a line at POB level from RC1 and linked it to RC2, it would trigger Contract Modification for RC2 in its RC creation period. In addition, the TimeLine tab in RC2 incorrectly displayed the Switch allocation action. This issue is resolved now. In the same scenario, the Contract Modification is not triggered in the initial period of RC2, and the correct information, Reallocate, linked and de-linked, is displayed in the TimeLine tab.

Trial Balance Report Displaying 0 for Contra AR Account

In some cases, the Trial Balance report would display 0 for all lines of the Contra AR account due to the incorrect schedules. This issue is resolved now and the Contra AR account is displayed correctly in the Trial Balance Report.

Blank Deferred Revenue on PORD Lines

When you collected PORD lines with the Ratable and Upon Booking methods, you could encounter the issue where the Def Segments values for all PORD lines were missing. RevPro fixes this issue now and the Def Segments values for PORD lines are displaying correctly in Schedules.

Event Processing Issue

You might encounter the issue where you ran the event process program and the revenue was 100% released, but the same record was inserted into the event staging with the Processed flag set as P for Bundle lines. This issue is resolved now.

Contra AR Account Entries Not Knocked Off after CM-RO or RORD Lines are Collected

After you collected a CM-RO or RORD for Bundle lines, you might run into the issue where the Contra AR account entries did not get knocked off. In this release, this issue is resolved. The Contra AR account entries are knocked off in the same scenario.

FV Price Incorrectly Calculated for Percent Based SSP Lines

When you loaded several RORD lines against the same SO Line ID in the same batch where the SSP was percent based, all RORD lines were processed but the Extended FV Price was incorrectly calculated. RevPro calibrates the calculation for the same scenario in this release, so this issue no longer exists. The Extended FV Price is now correctly calculated.

Incorrect Schedules for Adjustment Revenue

The allocation schedules were created wrongly for the scenario where PORD knocked off the selling price. The Allocation should be amortized across the entire contract term. This issue is resolved from the current release.

Negative Unbilled Amount

Previously, you might find that the Unbilled amount for a period was negative when the invoice schedule was Catch up. This is because when the system was performing Unbilled conversions on multiple partial conversions on the prior period, it did not take the previous invoice Unbilled conversion amount into consideration. This issue is resolved in this release.

Wrong Extended FV Price When Collecting Multiple SO and RORD  

When you collected multiple SO lines and RORD lines, the Extended FV Price incorrectly became zero. In this release, the issue is solved. The Extended FV Price is now calculated based on the remaining amount.

Incorrect Release Percentage after Recognition If Overstated INV and CM-C were Collected

In the case that you collected an SO and multiple invoices where the SO amount was greater than the total billed amount in the first batch and then released the revenue partially through either Quantity-based or Percent based events, if you collected overstated INV and CM-C later, the Released Percentage (REL_PCT) was incorrect. This problem is fixed now.

VC Amount Not Updated after SO Update

Previously, if you brought in SO updates with changes in the VC amount, the original VC amount was not updated to the latest. This issue is resolved and now the VC amount is updated correctly in the same case.

Incorrect Billings Backlog Value

After collecting SO and partial invoices in the same batch, it is expected that the Billings Backlog should display a non-zero value in the Overview tab of the RC Workbench. However, you might find that this value was 0 in the Overview tab. In this release, RevPro resolves this issue and the Billings Backlog value is correctly displayed.

Term Provided for RORD was Ignored

If you collected an SO line with a subscription term, then collected an RORD and its term was provided in an uploaded file, you might find that the term provided in the uploaded file for RORD was ignored during SSP normalization. This issue is now resolved and the SSP normalization is now based on the term provided in the uploaded file for RORD.

Manual JE Status Changed to "Approval Cancelled" After Submission

If you created an MJE Approval without any rule criteria defined and submitted the MJE for Approval, the MJE status was changed to Approval Cancelled, which was confusing. This issue is resolved and the MJE status displays Approval Rule not defined in the same scenario.

Incorrect VC Revenue after Running VC Expiry Program

When you ran the VC Expiry Program after updating an SO with a VC Expiry Date, you could find that VC revenue was reversed and one additional VC revenue gets created. It resulted in that the revenue was increased by the VC amount instead of going down. This issue is resolved in this release and the VC revenue is correct now.

Ghost Line Not Created after Updating Material Right Flag

When you pulled an SO with the Material Right Flag set as N into RevPro and later updated the SO by changing the Material Right Flag to Y, a Ghost line should be created but it was not. RevPro resolves this issue now and a Ghost line is generated in the same case.

Cost Recognized Amount Not Updated in Cost Table

In some cases, you might run into the issue where the Cost was scheduled over a period of time, whereas the recognized amount of the cost was not updated in the Cost table. This issue is resolved now and the cost table is properly updated.

FV Not Picked Up for New Lines in Posted RC

Previously, for newly collected SO lines with both the Skip ct mod flag and CV eligible flag set as Y in a posted RC, FV was not picked up because Unfreeze did not take place. RevPro fixes this issue in this release. Contract Modification is not triggered for this new line and FV is picked up as expected in the same scenario.

Cancelled SO Lines Participated in Allocations

When you first collected SO lines in the initial batch and then collected the Cancellation for some of these SO lines, you might find that the cancelled SO lines were participating in the Allocations. This issue is now resolved.

Zero Dollar Lines Cannot be Released Using Event

Previously, you could not release the revenue for $0 lines using an event in some cases. This issue is resolved now. After you collect events for zero dollar lines, the release percentage can be updated accordingly and carves are recognized.

Ghost Lines Related to MR Participated in Allocation When Carving Out

The Ghost lines that carve out should not participate in the allocation and this is controlled through the GHOST_LINE_CRVOUT_ALLOC profile. Now, if you enable this profile, a line will further participate in the allocation when it carves out, which is correct. Previously, the profile worked in the opposite way. If you enabled this profile, it would wipe out the carve; if this profile was disabled, it would carry on with the carve-out value. 

RORD for Negative SO Lines Not Creating Reversal Correctly

For an RC that included a negative SO line, if you created an RORD and cancelled it later, you might run into the issue where the reversal was not created correctly upon cancellation. The Revenue and Unreleased Contract Values fields were displaying incorrect values. This issue is resolved and it works as expected now.

POB Cannot be Disabled

RevPro resolves the issue where POBs cannot be disabled in the POB Assignment - By Attributes page in this release. Previously, when you have updated the Enabled field of a POB to No and clicked the save button, the page would refresh and the Enabled field is changed to Yes again. Now it works correctly and you can disable POBs now.