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Report category


Report category

Use the Report profiles to configure the reporting functionality.


The DELIMITER profile specifies the delimiter between values in the downloaded report files. Supported delimiters are as follows:

  • comma (,)
  • colon (:)
  • a vertical bar (|)

File Extension

The FILE_EXTENSION profile specifies whether to download the report in a CSV file or in a TXT file.

Report Directory

The REPORT_DIRECTORY specifies the output directory when reports are downloaded by using the Submit Download menu option.

Run Report Limit

The RUN_REPORT_LIMIT profile specifies the maximum number of reports that can be run in parallel. The valid value is an integer.

Show Filter

The SHOW_FILTER profile enables the filters to be applied when you want to download reports by using the Submit Download menu option. The profile is by default toggled to No.