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Set up profiles


Set up profiles

A spectrum of standard profiles is provided for you to configure various Zuora Revenue functionalities to meet your business requirements. 


To access the profiles in Zuora Revenue, navigate to Setups > Application. Click side-menu-open.png to open the side menu and then click Profiles. All the profiles are listed on the Profiles page where you can view, edit or export these profiles. 

Whenever a profile is updated, the new settings will be applied to the subsequently created revenue contracts only.

The profiles are categorized based on their purposes as listed in the following table. 

Profile category Description
Application Use the Application profiles to configure the application-level parameters.
FV Analysis Use to FV Analysis profiles to specify how SSP Analyzer will select transactions and do calculations for SSP analysis.
FV Calculation Use the FV Calculation profiles to configure the parameters that are related to revenue allocation, such as the allocation currency for multi-currency revenue contracts and whether to perform allocation for the lines within SSP range.
Guidance Use the Guidance profiles to enable switch between current GAAP and future GAAP and to specify the version of current GAAP to be switched to.
JE Use the JE profiles to enable validations for journal entries, such as account segment validation and exchange rate validation.
Period Use the Period profiles to configure the parameters related to the open/close period actions, such as whether a closed period can be re-opened and the open/close period actions are applicable at the book level or at the organization level.
Report Use the Report profiles to configure the high-level settings for the Zuora Revenue reports, such as the local directory to save the downloaded reports and the number of reports that can be run simultaneously. 
Security Use the Security profiles to configure the security-related settings and to integrate with Oracle EBS, such as the authentication scheme and the redirect URL from Oracle EBS.
SSP Use the SSP profiles to configure the high-level SSP allocation behaviors in Zuora Revenue.
SSP Analysis Use the SSP Analysis profiles to configure whether changes are allowed after SSP analysis is completed for an SSP batch.
Transfer Use the Transfer profiles to configure the parameters that are related to the transfer accounting functionality.


To view or change the values of a profile, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Setups > Application.
  2. Click side-menu-open.png to open the side menu and then click Profiles.
  3. Use the Category list and/or the search box to quickly locate the target profile.
  4. Hover the mouse over the profile line and then click icon-edit.png.
  5. In the Edit Profile window, update the System Level Value field for the profile. Other fields in grey are not editable.
  6. Click icon-save.png and then close the window.

As an alternative to configuring some important functionalities with profile settings, you can also navigate to Setups > Application > Functionality to complete the high-level configuration on one single page. Settings on the Functionality page has the same effect as the profile setting. Whichever is last updated will override the counterpart.