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Manually release a hold


Manually release a hold

When the Allow Manual Release switch is set to Yes in the hold setup, you can manually release this type of hold. Otherwise, the hold can be released only when the specified release event is processed in Zuora Revenue.

You can release one or more holds that are applied to a revenue contract on the Revenue Contract Detail page as instructed in Review holds for an individual RC. However, if you want to release holds for multiple revenue contracts, it can be a tedious process to go through individual contract and release the hold one by one.

Two alternative methods are provided to release holds more efficiently.

Manually release holds from a central point

Complete the following steps to release a revenue hold that is placed on an RC, POB, or line:

  1. Navigate to Workbench > Holds. The Holds page is displayed. All the pending holds are listed by default.
  2. (Optional): To filter out the displayed hold items, select the appropriate level from the Hold Level list.
  3. (Optional): Click the Toggle Row Filter icon icon-toggle-filter.png to filter out data in a specific column.
  4. Locate the hold item of your interest and hover the mouse over the row.
  5. To approve the hold, click the Approve icon approve-icon.png.
  6. In the Approval Comments window, select the appropriate release reason, provide a comment, and then click OK.

After the pending hold is released, it is removed from the pending hold list and displayed on the released hold list.

Manually release holds in a batch action

Complete the following steps to create a batch action to release a hold:

  1. Navigate to Workbench > Manage Mass Actions.
  2. Click the New Batch icon icon-add.png. The New Batch page is displayed.
  3. In the Batch Details tab, provide the following information about the batch:
    1. Specify a unique name for the batch in the Name field.
    2. In the Action On field, select Transactions or RC.
    3. In the Action Type field, select Release Hold
    4. In the Holds field, select the name of the hold that is to be released.
    5. Provide comments in the Comments field.
    6. Complete other fields in the Batch Details tab as necessary.
  4. Click icon-save.png . The batch is created.
  5. Click the Filters tab to filter out the eligible transaction lines or revenue contracts. 
  6. Close the New Batch window.
  7. On the Batches page, hover the mouse over the batch line and click the Query Data icon icon-query-data.png. After the transactions that have the specified hold are identified, the batch status changes from NEW to Data Identified
  8. Hover the mouse over the batch line and click the Review Data icon icon-review-data.png. The Review Data window is
  9. (Optional): Use the Include for Release Hold column to exclude any identified transactions from the action.
  10. Click Release Hold.