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Creating Invoice Adjustments and Invoice Item Adjustments


Creating Invoice Adjustments and Invoice Item Adjustments

Invoice Adjustment is deprecated on Production. Zuora recommends that you use the Invoice Item Adjustment to adjust invoices.

You can add invoice adjustments and invoice item adjustments ("adjustments") from different pages within Zuora Billing.

When creating an invoice item adjustment from the Zuora UI, only 500 invoice items are listed on the invoice item adjustment page. If the invoice item you want to adjust is not listed on the page, use the SOAP InvoiceItemAdjustment object to create the adjustment.

Where to Create Adjustments in Zuora

You can create adjustments from the following locations in the Zuora application:

  • On the customer account page: Click More, or use the controls in the Transactions area.
  • From Billing Operations: Click Invoice Adjustment or Invoice Item Adjustment on the top navigation bar to create an adjustment.
  • Within a posted invoice: Click More to create an adjustment.

Create an Adjustment from the Billing Operations Page

To create an adjustment from the Billing Operations page:

  1. Navigate to Billing > Invoice Item Adjustments in the left-hand navigation section.
  2. Click create invoice item adjustment.
  3. Enter the full or partial customer account name or number for the account, then click search to see the matching results. Select the correct customer account from the list.
  4. Enter the following basic information.
    • Customer Account: This is a required field. Select the customer account from the drop-down.
    • Invoice: This field is only visible for Invoice Item Adjustment. Select the invoice with a balance from the drop-down.
    • Adjustment Date: The day the adjustment is to be applied. The default value is today's date.
    • Reason Code: The reason code for the adjustment. 
    • Reference ID: This optional field can be used to enter an ID or code that helps identify the adjustment or the reason for the adjustment, and is helpful when reporting on adjustments.
    • Comment: You can enter comments related to this adjustment. For example, the reason for the adjustment.
  5. Adjust invoice items that are displayed in the Invoice Details panel.
  6. A dialog will appear, prompting you to confirm the changes. Click Yes to create the invoice adjustment or invoice item adjustment, or click No to return to the previous screen.

For each line item (charge) that is adjusted, Zuora creates a corresponding line item adjustment. If there are four invoice line items on an invoice and all four invoice line items are adjusted, Zuora Billing will create four separate invoice item adjustments.

Follow the same steps when creating invoice adjustments or invoice item adjustments from a different page of the application.

Override Invoice Item Adjustment Service Periods and Accounting Codes

You can override the service period, as well as deferred and recognized revenue accounting codes inherited by the Invoice Item Adjustment from the Invoice Item.  

  1. Navigate to Billing Operations > Invoices.
  2. Select the Invoice Number.
  3. Select Adjust Invoice Items from the more drop-down.


  1. From the Advanced Options column in the Invoice Details section, click edit.


  1. From the Advanced Options page, you change the service period dates or the accounting codes. 
    If you do not have Zuora Finance enabled, you will only be able to change one accounting code. 


  1. Click save.

How do I Reverse Past Invoice Item Adjustments

This feature is in Limited Availability. If you want to have access to the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support

You can reverse a previously made invoice item adjustment by creating another adjustment that counters the effect of the previous adjustment, even in a closed accounting period.

See Reversing Past Invoice Item Adjustments for details.