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Create an Amendment


Create an Amendment

This feature is unavailable if you have the Orders feature enabled. See Overview of Orders and Order Metrics for more information.

Use amendments to make changes to an active subscription. You can use amendments to add products, update products, remove products, upgrade or downgrade products, renew subscriptions, and change a subscription's terms and conditions. You can use the Zuora user interface or the Zuora API to create amendments.

Where to Create Amendments

You can create amendments from three areas within Zuora Billing:

  • Within a customer account (under Subscriptions & Amendments)
  • On the amendments page
  • From within a subscription

Creating an Amendment

The steps for creating an amendment are similar to the steps for creating a subscription: start by filling in the amendment information, then select the amendment type and perform the applicable action (update/add/remove), and finish by activating the amendment.

Amendments can be created in arrears or in advance. For example, you can create an amendment on the day the subscription begins (for example, 1/1/2011), but date the amendment in the future (2/1/2011) so that the fees go from $0 (free trial) to $100 (monthly recurring charge) on 2/1/2011.