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Scope of Audit Trail


Scope of Audit Trail

Zuora Audit Trail currently supports the following capabilities:

  • Track, log and report on a user’s login history
  • Track, log and report on setting changes of Billing, Payment, Commerce, and Finance.
  • Track, log and report on activities in user management settings.

Authorized users can generate the Audit Trail reports through Data Query. The Audit Trail records are stored in the following tables:

  • auditloginevent for login history
  • auditsettingchangeevent for user management and other settings changes


The Audit Trail feature has the following limitations:

  • Audit Trail reports are retrieved through Data Query. All the Data Query limitations are applicable when you generate Audit Trail reports. See Data Query Limitations for the details.
  • The Audit Trail data retention period varies according to your Zuora editions. See Zuora Editions for the details.