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Update default settings


Update default settings

This article provides the steps to update default settings for quotes, and the description for each default setting field.


Take the following steps to update default settings:

  1. In the navigation bar, navigate to Zuora Config > Quote Studio Settings.
  2. In the left pane, select Default Settings. All default settings of CPQ X are then loaded into the main region.
  3. Configure default settings based on your business needs. See the Default settings description section below for more information about these default settings.
  4. Click Save at the top right in the main region to save the configuration.

Default settings description

The following fields are available for default settings.

Category Field Description
Quote Valid Date Specify the term of the quote.
Subscription Subscription Type Select the default subscription term type, Termed or Evergreen. This default setting specifies whether the subscription has a set term (in number of months) until which it expires (Termed), or whether the subscription does not expire (Evergreen).
Term Start Date Specify the start date of the subscription.
Initial Term Specify the initial term of the subscription. It is applicable to only termed subscriptions.
Auto-Renew Switch the toggle to auto renew the subscription. If enabled, a new termed subscription quotes are automatically renewed when the initial term terminates. It is applicable to only termed subscriptions.
Renew Term Specify the renewal term for termed subscriptions.  It is applicable to only termed subscriptions.
Billing & Payment Payment Method Select the default payment method used to pay invoices.

Specify the currency that you want to use. For example, USD.

Bill Cycle Day Specify the day of the month on which to bill your customers. You must also activate the same bill cycle day in Zuora Billing.
Billing Batch Specify the default batch. Batches allows for the grouping of customer accounts, which facilitates separate processing.
Bill To Contact Filter Specify how you want to filter bill-to contacts.
Sold To Contact Filter Specify how you want to filter sold-to contacts.
Invoice Separately Switch the toggle to specify on a per-subscription basis whether the subscription should be invoiced separately.
Trigger Dates Contract Effective Date Specify the date of the contract that governs the subscription. 
Service Activation Date Specify the date on which the services or products within a subscription have been activated and access has been provided to the customer.
Customer Acceptance Date Specify the date on which the services or products within a subscription have been accepted by the customer.
Plugins Default Values Plugin Enter the name of the custom plugin that implements Default Values Plugin. See Customize default values by implementing Default Values Plugin for more information.