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Quote Studio Settings and Configurations


Quote Studio Settings and Configurations

Outlines Quote Studio Settings in CPQ X for customizing and configuring the quoting experience.

Quote Studio Settings in CPQ X are essential for customizing and configuring the quoting experience. This article provides comprehensive information about Quote Studio Settings, their significance, and how they can be utilized to tailor the quoting process according to your business needs.

Quote Studio Settings in CPQ X allow you to define and adjust various aspects of the quoting experience. These settings encompass a wide range of configuration options, enabling you to customize the quoting process, layout, fields, and functionalities to align with your specific requirements.

Key Quote Studio Settings

Setting Name Description
Explore the default settings in CPQ X, such as currency settings, subscription, billing and payment, and other settings that establish the baseline behavior for the quoting process.
Configure product filters and quick filters to streamline product selection during quoting.
  • Product filters -  Filter products based on several typical standard fields on the Product and Product Rate Plan objects.
  • Quick filters - Filter products based on your selection from all standard and custom fields on the Product and Product Rate Plan objects.
Customize the fields associated with CPQ objects, such as Quote, Quote Rate plan, Subscriptions, or any other relevant entities. Add, modify, or remove fields based on your specific data requirements. 
Configure the Quote Panel and Subscription Panel to either collapse or expand during page load for the New, Renew, Amend, and Cancel Subscription flows. You can customize your experience by choosing to collapse or expand the panels according to your preferences. This can help to streamline the user interface and make it more intuitive, as you can choose to see only the information you need.
Access and configure various administrative settings in CPQ, including enabling Ramp Deal Creation, OLI Creation, Preview On Demand, Flexible Billing, and other administrative functionalities to optimize the quoting process.
Utilize custom component settings to extend the functionality of CPQ by integrating custom-built components. The CPQ X Extensibility Framework feature enables you to easily include your own LWC or Aura components in the Quote Studio sidebar. It can significantly improve the extensibility and usability of Quote Studio. 
Set up restricted access configurations to control user access to specific features, within CPQ X. Define access levels and permissions based on roles or user groups to ensure data security and privacy. Using this feature, you will be able to add a record with a profile and feature name, and that profile will not be able to see the selected feature on the Quote Studio page.
Define different permissions for users related to Pending Subscriptions. For example, you can allow some users to create Pending Subscriptions while others can only activate them.

In addition to controlling access to Pending Subscriptions, Feature Access Config lets you manage user permissions for different subscription flows related to Pending Subscriptions. These flows include New, Amend, Renew, and Cancel. By setting different access levels for each flow, you can ensure that only authorized users can make changes to Pending subscriptions.

For instance, you can only allow certain users to create new quotes in pending subscriptions while allowing others to amend existing ones. Similarly, you can restrict cancellation rights to only a select group of users.

Plugins can extend the functionality of CPQ X by providing additional capabilities allowing for enhanced quoting experiences.
  1. Default Values Plugin
  2. Billing Account Plugin
  3. Lookup Filter Plugin

Combine guided selling with Quote Studio 

If you have built your guided selling process in Zuora Quotes and want to use it together with Quote Studio, you can combine the Quote Studio page with your guided selling flow using either or both of the following approaches:

  • Add Quote Studio to quoting flows through Quote Wizard
  • Enable the Navigate to Quote Studio After Select Products setting

For more information, see Combine guided selling with Quote Studio.

Connect multiple Billing entities to one Salesforce org 

The Multi-entity feature of Zuora Billing allows you to have multiple entities within a single Zuora tenant.

If you want to use Quote Studio and have multiple Zuora entities connected to one Salesforce org, you must enable the Billing Entities tab. Once it is complete, you can find that all available entities are listed in this tab. Then you must designate one of the entities as the default entity so that Quote Studio can filter the relevant product catalog. 

For more information, see Connect multiple Billing entities to one Salesforce org.