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How do I use Zuora with my existing website?


How do I use Zuora with my existing website?


There are several options for setting up Zuora to work with your existing website.  You can incorporate Z-Payments pages into your site, use the SOAP API (for detailed, full-blown applications), or use the REST API (for rapid development suitable for the most common web storefront operations). 


Our two APIs allow you to handcraft a web application that directly accesses our billing, payment, and subscription management services. The Z-Commerce API gives you access to Z-Billing, Z-Payments, and Z-Force applications via an open API. See SOAP API or REST API for more information.

The second option is for you to use our Zuora-hosted "Z-Payments Page", which is built entirely with our SOAP API on the Z-Commerce Platform. A Z-Payments Page is a pre-built web store where your customers can order - and be billed for - your products and services. See the Hosted Payment Pages for more information about configuring and using this option.