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Overview of Payment Pages 2.0


Overview of Payment Pages 2.0

Zuora's hosted payment method page (HPM) solution, Payment Pages 2.0, allows subscribers to send payment details to your company in a secure and PCI-compliant manner. You can implement Payment Pages 2.0 to support the flow of adding payment methods and processing one-time or recurring payments. Zuora's hosted payment pages are easily embedded as iFrames in your pages and can be customized with your company's visual style and a variety of functional options. Since these hosted payment pages are secure and PCI-compliant, your site can meet the PCI requirements of your payment and gateway providers. 

The following payment method types are supported by Payment Pages 2.0:

  • Credit Card
  • ACH
  • Bank Transfer
  • iDEAL on Adyen
  • PIX on Ebanx

The following payment method types are not supported by Payment Pages 2.0:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal

Payment Pages 2.0 provides the flexibility to allow for easy implementations and a streamlined payment experience, offering the following benefits:

  • Defense-in-depth security strategy
    Through Zuora’s layered security features, you can tailor security controls based on your specific needs to help reduce and manage your risks from potential card testing fraud.
  • Expanded client-side validations
    Client-side validation and credit card type detection is available for each payment page. This provides you with control over the customer's checkout experience, and you can configure these validations in the Zuora UI.
  • Dynamic configuration and localization
    For each hosted page, you can upload a set of alternate translations for all labels, error messages, and text elements on the form. Afterward, the language of the payment page can be updated on the fly to match a user’s locale.
  • Fast and easy implementation
    Only a few lines of HTML and JS are now needed to load a payment page. In addition, JS and APIs have been improved to generate digital signatures and in-form submission buttons. All code is available in the Zuora JavaScript library.
  • Styling flexibility
    Clean HTML makes it easy to add your own CSS to create attractive, responsive designs that match the look and feel of your site. You also have the flexibility to choose between embedded and overlay form styles.

For more information about implementing Payment Pages 2.0, see Payment Pages 2.0 Implementation Overview.

To quickly get a sample hosted payment page up and running, see Hosted Payment Page Tutorial.

If your business has more complex commerce use cases or customization requirements, Zuora recommends that you consider using our REST API or SOAP API as more powerful and flexible alternatives.

Customers who use Zuora functionality in Salesforce - either with Zuora Quotes or their own Visualforce applications - should see the instructions for implementing hosted pages in Zuora Quotes or through our Zuora CPQ development toolkit.

Here is a quick video introducing hosted payment pages.