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Zuora Release 2022.04.R3


Zuora Release 2022.04.R3

Welcome to the release notes for Zuora Release 2022.04.R3. This article is a consolidated page of all release notes for the following Zuora products:

For the latest release notes of Zuora Revenue, see Zuora Revenue release notes.

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Release schedule

For release schedule details, see this release notification.

For the planned schedule of upcoming Zuora releases, see Zuora Release Management in Zuora Community.

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Zuora Billing

here_black.png Invoicing and Tax

More objects and fields available in HTML invoice templates

When configuring HTML invoice templates, you can now use the following objects and fields as merge fields:

  • BillToContact field on the InvoiceCreditMemoDebitMemoSubscription, and OrderAction objects
  • PaymentTerm field on the InvoiceCreditMemoDebitMemoSubscription, and OrderAction objects
  • BillToContactSnapshot field on the CreditMemo and DebitMemo objects
  • SoldToContactSnapshot field on the CreditMemo and DebitMemo objects

The BillToContact and PaymentTerm fields have values only if you have the Flexible Billing feature enabled.

The BillToContactSnapshot and SoldToContactSnapshot field only if you set the Preserve snapshot of bill-to and sold-to contacts when billing documents are posted? billing rule to Yes.

Flexible Billing compatible with more features

You can now use the Flexible Billing feature regardless you are using Invoice Item Adjustments or Invoice Settlement. The Flexible Billing feature is now compatible with Invoice Adjustment, Invoice Item Adjustment, and Credit Balance Adjustment.

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Zuora Collect

Zuora Collect has only internal enhancements and resolved issues in this release.​​​​

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Zuora Central Platform

here_black.png Central Sandbox

Zuora will no longer refresh or reset previously configured settings

To prevent overwriting any testing configurations you have enabled, Zuora will no longer refresh or reset the following previously configured settings in Central Sandbox:

  • Tax Engine Configurations (credentials and endpoints) 
  • Notifications (callout base URLs and callout definitions)
  • Payment Gateway Configurations (credentials and endpoints)
  • HPM keys
  • Zuora 360 Configurations

Existing tax and payment configurations, callout templates and base URLs in notifications, and HPM keys in Central Sandbox will remain unchanged on each refresh. Deleted settings in production are removed from Central Sandbox. 

Note that if any new notifications, tax engine, payment gateway configurations, and HPM keys are added in production after the initial Central Sandbox setup, you will need to configure them once within Central Sandbox, and they will be retained after refreshing.

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Current WSDL version: 120

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SOAP API change history

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