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Unapply payments from invoices and debit memos


Unapply payments from invoices and debit memos

You can unapply the applied payments from invoices and debit memos. For example, a payment is applied incorrectly. After you unapplied the payment from the invoices, the payment is then recorded as unapplied. The amount from the invoices is transferred into the unapplied amount of the payments. You can then apply the payment to any open invoices and their invoice items.


You can unapply the payments only if you have appropriate user permission. See Payment Roles for more information.

Through the billing settings configuration, you can configure a default application rule to determine how to unapply payments applications from invoices and debit memos. Zuora uses the specified application rule to automatically unapply the payment if you have not specified item-level application amounts explicitly.


To unapply a payment through the Zuora REST API, see Unapply a payment.

To unapply a payment from the Zuora UI, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Payments > Payments
  2. In the payment list view, locate the target payment and click Unapply at the right side of the row. The Unapply this payment page opens.
  3. In the Effective Date field, specify when the unapply takes effect.
  4. Select the invoices and debit memos that you want to unapply the payment for, and specify the amount in the Amount to Unapply column.
  5. If you have the Invoice Item Settlement feature enabled, you can unapply the payment at the item level:
    1. Click the plus icon (+) next to the document. The items of the invoice or debit memo are displayed. 
    2. Select the items you want to unapply the payment for, and click the two-headed arrow icon next to the item. 
    3. Specify the amount you want to unapply for each item in the Amount to Unapply column.
  6. After you are done specifying the amounts, click Unapply to This Payment.
  7. In the confirmation dialog, click Yes.

The payment details page refreshes to display the specified unapplied amount.