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Overview of Advanced Consumption Billing


Overview of Advanced Consumption Billing

Advanced Consumption Billing is a paid feature. Contact your Zuora Customer Success Manager for assistance if you are interested in purchasing this feature.

Advanced Consumption Billing lays the foundation for your consumption-based subscription business. It contains the following key capabilities.

  • Prepaid with Drawdown enables your customers to pay upfront to receive a number of consumable units and then consume against that prepaid balance with the possibility of topping up more units or being charged for any overage. Additionally, the details of prepayment and drawdown can be presented on invoices. For more information, see Prepaid with Drawdown.
  • Prepaid Cash with Drawdown enables you to collect payment from your customers and then deposit the payment on their customer account as reserved payment. Subscriptions can be configured to consume this reserved payment amount upon invoice post or payment run. For more information, see Prepaid Cash with Drawdown.
  • Unbilled Usage enables you to access the usages and due amounts in near real time before charges are billed. You can view the usages and up-to-date amounts due for a subscription in the Unbilled Usage section on the subscription details page. For more information, see Unbilled Usage.
  • Threshold Notification enables you to receive notifications when customized consumption thresholds of prepaid balance or unbilled usage are being exceeded. For more information, see Threshold Notification.