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AI Order Entry


AI Order Entry

After navigating to Home, you can click the Order Entry task on the Zuora Business Automation Dashboard and upload your order form file. An order form import assistant acting as an AI agent can mimic people to read your uploaded file and extract relevant information to create an order in Zuora Billing.

This dashboard is in the Beta phase and only available in Sandbox environments.

  • Click the Feedback AND New Request to provide your feedback or request to add a new task to this dashboard. 
  • To opt out of the beta dashboard program and revert to the default homepage, click Opt-Out To The Previous Homepage in the upper right. You can opt-in again to return to this dashboard.


Your uploaded file must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Your uploaded file is expected to include the following information: 
    • Client account name and currency
    • Client’s contact details
    • Agreed charges and prices
    • Contract terms
  • If your uploaded file includes custom fields on the Account, Subscription, and Order objects, you must submit a request at Zuora Global Support to enable the extraction of custom fields. Otherwise, the order form import assistant will not extract the custom fields from the file.
  • Requirements for the data in the order form file:
    • Charge names should match those in the catalogs.
    • Custom field names must exist in Zuora Billing, and the data types of the custom fields must comply with those in Zuora Billing.


If your uploaded file meets the prerequisites, the task output is a new order in draft status. 

After analyzing your uploaded file, the order form import assistant will output one of the following in the draft order:

  • A new subscription on a new active account
  • A new subscription on an existing active account
  • Added charges to an existing active subscription without renewal
  • Added charges to an existing active subscription after renewal
  • Updated charges in an existing active subscription without renewal
  • Updated charges in an existing active subscription after renewal

By default, the assistant looks for an existing account using the account name or the domain of the contact's email (the part after the @ symbol). When no existing account is found, the assistant quits and reports an error.

If you want the assistant to create a new account using data from the order form or if the output is not what you want, reach out to Zuora Global Support.

View conversion history and provide feedback

After you upload the PDF order form and the conversion is successful, you can click Stay On Workspace in the Conversion Result dialog to view a conversion history list. Each conversion history includes Start Time, Status, Order Form File, Order, Created By, Task ID, and Actions information. In the Actions column, you can click the download icon icon-download.png to download a conversion log and click the feedback icon icon-feedback.png to write your feedback on your conversion result. You can also update your saved feedback afterwards.