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Zuora Business Automation Dashboard


Zuora Business Automation Dashboard

The Zuora Business Automation Dashboard is available as the homepage in all sandbox tenants. This dashboard streamlines and automates user flows and tasks for various user roles. This dashboard also provides users with AI interaction with Zuora Copilot for the Batch Price Update, Cancel Subscription and Refund, and Cancel Subscription and Write Off tasks.

This dashboard is in the Beta phase. We are actively soliciting feedback, click the Feedback AND New Request on top to provide your feedback or request adding a new task to this dashboard. If you want to opt out of this program and change back to the default homepage, please click Opt-Out To The Previous Homepage in the upper right, and if you want to return to this dashboard, click Opt-In To The Business Automation Dashboard

This feature is available only in Sandbox environments, and will not be deployed to Production environments until further notice.

The following tasks are displayed only if the user has a Billing or Revenue role. If a user’s role does not have access to any of the following tasks, the tasks and dashboard will not be displayed. Instead, the original and default homepage is displayed.

  • You can start the billing operation and customer service tasks directly on the dashboard, as follows:
    • Order Entry: You can upload a PDF order form, and the system automatically extracts data from the form and creates a draft order for your review. Click Start Task to initiate the task.
    • Batch Price Update: You can update a charge's price for multiple active subscriptions in one or more customer account batches by defining a subscription cohort and specifying a new price and an effective date. Click Start Task to initiate the task or chat with Zuora Copilot. To chat with Zuora Copilot, click the Zuora Copilot.png  tab in the bottom right corner. For more information, see Batch update price.
    • Cancel Subscription and Refund: You can cancel a subscription and refund the customer's payments automatically. Search for a subscription and click Start Task to initiate the task, or chat with Zuora Copilot. For more information, see Cancel subscriptions and refund end customers automatically.
    • Cancel Subscription and Write Off: You can cancel a subscription and write off all the unpaid invoices automatically. Search for a subscription and click Start Task to initiate the task, or chat with Zuora Copilot. The user must have the Invoice Settlement feature enabled to access this task. For more information, see Cancel subscriptions and write off all unpaid invoices.
  • You can click the following revenue operation tasks to be redirected to the corresponding configuration pages:
    • Approve Journals & RCs: You can approve or reject manual journals and revenue contracts. 
    • Import Revenue Events: You can create event templates or upload event data to Zuora Revenue based on the event upload template that you created.
    • Release Holds: You can review and release revenue on hold or accounting transfers on hold.
    • Create Journal Entries: You can create, upload, approve, or reject journals.
    • Review Revenue Contracts: You can search for specific revenue contracts and view the details of one specific revenue contract.
    • Run Report: You can manually run reports based on predefined or customized report layouts.