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Cancel draft orders


Cancel draft orders

You can cancel draft orders to archive the draft orders in the "Cancelled" status for later reference. You can only delete a canceled draft order but cannot revert it to its former status.

Cancel a draft order using the Zuora application

You can only cancel a draft order from the Orders page but cannot from the order details page.

To cancel a draft order, perform the followings:

  1. Navigate to Customers > Orders.
  2. Search for the order by performing an exact search for the draft order or filtering all orders in the draft status.
  3. In the row of the draft order, click the cancel order icon icon-cancel-order.png.

    A window pops up with an empty Cancel Reason field.

  4. Enter why you want to cancel the order in the Cancel Reason field.
  5. Click Cancel Draft Order to confirm the cancellation.

    The order status changes from Draft to Cancelled on the Orders page and order details page, and the cancel reason displays below the order number on the order details page.

Cancel a draft order using the REST API

  1. Determine the value of the following variables:
    Variable Description
    $OrderNumber The order number of the order to cancel. For example, O-00000003.
    $CancelReason The reason to cancel the draft order, for example, test cancel.
  2. Use the Cancel an order operation to cancel the order that is in the Draft status:
Request PUT/v1/orders/{orderNumber}/cancel
Request Body
   "cancelReason": "$CancelReason"