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Delete orders


Delete orders

This tutorial demonstrates how to remove an order.

Use the Zuora application

To delete an order in the Zuora application, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Customers > Orders. The Orders page opens and lists the orders in your tenant.
  2. To quickly search for an order, use the following techniques:
    • Specify a time range for the order create date to filter the displayed orders. To do this, click the Search orders icon at the top right and then specify the dates in the displayed filter. 


    • Search the order by using the account number, order number, or subscription number. To do this, click the down arrow to select which number to search for and then type the number in the search field. The result will dynamically change as you type.


  3. (Optional): To view the summary of an order, click the right arrow ( > ) next to the order number.
  4. To delete the order, on the right side of the order line, click the Delete Order icon delete-order-icon.png.

Use the REST API

You can use the "Delete order" operation to remove an order.

To remove an order:

  1. Determine the value of the following variable:

    Variable Description
    $OrderNumber The order number of the order to delete. For example, O-00000003.
  2. Use the "Delete order" operation to delete an order of a specific order number:

    Request DELETE /v1/orders/{$OrderNumber}