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Zuora Billing Release 269, February 2020


Zuora Billing Release 269, February 2020

Welcome to the release notes for Zuora Billing Release 269 (R269), February 2020

For more information about the release notes of other Zuora products, see Zuora Release Notes.

Release schedule

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See API Changelog for a summary of REST API updates and documentation updates in the Zuora API Reference.

Usage and Rating

Limit on the number of usage records per charge per billing period

When you generate an invoice, a limit is now set on the maximum number of usage records that can be rated for one rate plan charge per billing period. The default limit is 200,000 for the maximum number of usage records. 

For example, one subscription has two usage-based rate plan charges, and the billing period is set to Month for both charges. A maximum of 200,000 usage records can be rated per charge every month. If any or both of the charges contain more than 200,000 usage records, invoice generation fails and an error message is displayed.

Invoicing and Invoice Settlement

Resolved: Incorrect refund amount caused by SOAP and CRUD Refund operations

Previously, if the SOAP Refund object or the CRUD: Update refund operation was called to cancel refunds in tenants where the Invoice Settlement feature is enabled, no error message was displayed and an incorrect refund amount was caused. 

This issue has now been resolved. In the preceding scenario, an error message is displayed. Instead, it is best practice to call the REST Cancel refund operation to cancel refunds.


CyberSource gateway integration supports stored credential transactions for Discover

The CyberSource, Payment API v2.0 gateway integration in Zuora has been enhanced to support stored credential transactions for Discover. Previously, this gateway supported stored credential transactions for only Visa and Mastercard.

For more information, see Support for stored credential transactions overview and CyberSource payment gateway.


Current WSDL version: 101

See Zuora WSDL for information on how to check your version and download the latest version.

SOAP API change history

See Zuora SOAP API Version History for a summary of updates made to the SOAP API in recent Zuora releases.