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Zuora 360 Q3 2016 Release Notes


Zuora 360 Q3 2016 Release Notes

This release notes provides a summary of new features, enhancements, and resolved issues in the Zuora 360 Version 3.3 (Release Q3 2016) and its maintenance and patch releases.

This release is part of the Zuora for Salesforce Q3 2016 Release that includes:

Resolved Issues

The 3.3 release includes the following resolved issue and other internal operational fixes.

Communication Profile Id Incorrectly Populated with the Communication Profile Name

Starting in the Version 3.0 of Zuora 360, the Communication Profile Id (Zuora__CommunicationProfileId__c) field was incorrectly synchronized with the Name of the Communication Profile instead of the Id. 

In this version, a new field was added to the Billing Account (Zuora__CustomerAccount__c) object and mapped to the correct Communication Profile Id in Zuora. The new field is Zuora Communication Profile Id (Zuora__Communication_Profile_Id__c).

The previous Communication Profile Id (Zuora__CommunicationProfileId__c) field is deprecated as of the Version 3.3.

Maintenance Release 3.31

The 3.31 release includes the following update.

Navigation and Name Changes

The August 2016 release (R203) of Zuora features a new navigation and name changes for product contents. For Zuora CPQ, the change is:

Maintenance Release 3.40

The 3.40 release includes the following updates.

Order Builder Supports Zuora Multi-entity

New versions of the zlogin method was implemented in Order Builder to support multiple Zuora entities:

  • global virtual zApi.LoginResult zlogin (String entityId)
  • global virtual zApi.LoginResult zlogin
      (String username, String password, String entityId)

The new methods let you log into a specific Zuora entity from Order Builder. See zlogin Method for detail information about zlogin method.

Entity IDs Use UUID

The Entity Ids fields, namely, EntityID and ParentEntityID, on the Entity object now use the 32-character UUID.

If you are upgrading from Version 3.2+ of Zuora 360, perform both the Product Catalog Sync and the Accounts and Related Objects Sync to sync over the new Entity ID values to Zuora CPQ.

Additional Term Types Supported in Zuora CPQ 

To support additional quote term types in Zuora Quotes, specifically, Day, Week, Year as well as Month, Zuora 360 now synchronizes the following fields to Salesforce.

Field Synced From Zuora Object To Zuora 360 Object












Salesforce Translation Workbench Supported in Zuora 360

The labels in Zuora 360 were enhanced for you to access them in Salesforce Translation Workbench and localize Zuora 360.

Fields Values Changed on Evergreen Subscriptions

For the Evergreen type subscriptions, Zuora 360 sync operations now set the following fields to an empty string. 

  • Zuora__Subscription__c.Zuora__InitialTerm__c
  • Zuora__Subscription__c.Zuora__RenewalTerm__c

If you have any custom code that checks the values in the above fields, update the code to check for an empty string.

Custom Setting to Disable Chatter Feed on Subscription Updates

A new custom setting was added to disable Salesforce Chatter feed on subscription updates. The Chatter feed is enabled, by default. Refer to Disable Chatter Feed for Subscription to disable the Chatter feed.

Maintenance Release 3.44

The 3.44 release includes the updates described in this section as well as other internal fixes.

Weekly Billing Support

The following enhancements were made to support weekly billing in Zuora CPQ.

Additional Sync Field Mappings

The fields to support weekly billing in Zuora are now synchronized to Zuora CPQ.

Zuora Object Zuora CPQ Object Zuora CPQ Field Sync Type

Product Rate Plan Charge


Weekly Bill Cycle Day


Product Catalog Sync

Subscription Product & Charge


Weekly Bill Cycle Day


Account and Related Object Sync

New Picklist Values for Product Rate Plan Charge

Additional picklist values were added to the Product Rate Plan Charge (zqu__ProductRatePlanCharge__c) object. 

Field New Picklist Values

Billing Period


  • Week
  • Specific Weeks

Bill Cycle Type


  • Specific Day of Week

List Price Base


  • Per Week