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Zuora Quotes Q3 2016 Release Notes


Zuora Quotes Q3 2016 Release Notes

This release notes provides a summary of new features, enhancements, and resolved issues in the Zuora Quotes Q3 2016 Release (Version 7.3).

To use this version of Zuora Quotes, you must upgrade your package as described in Upgrade Zuora Quotes to Q3 2016.

New Features and Enhancements

The 7.3 release includes the following enhancements.

Refactored Quote Charge Detail

The Quote Charge Detail was refactored to support additional charge metrics and to improve the way the Quote Charge Detail records were updated or created.

Additional Fields Available in Charge Metrics

The following metrics are now available at the charge level in Quote Preview:

  • Total
  • Subtotal
  • Tax
  • Discount

See Quote and Charge Metrics for detail information about the charge level quote metrics. 

QuoteDetail Component Now Global

The QuoteDetail Visualforce component was made global. You can use the QuoteDetail component to display additional information on the same page as the Quote Detail information.

See QuoteDetail Component for information about the component.

New Global Methods in the Quote Class

The following new global methods were added to the Quote class:

  • createNewInstance: Creates a new Quote instance. 
  • set: Sets value on the quote sObject.
  • buildAndSave: Inserts the quote into the database, creates Quote Charge Detail records and populates quoteProducts.

See Quote Class for more information about the new methods and a sample code.

Clone Quotes

In this version of Zuora Quotes, the Clone Quote feature is available to facilitate the faster quoting process. You can clone quotes, related products, and custom fields:

Display Custom Fields in the Product Selection Table in Guided Selling

You can add and display custom fields in the product selection table in the Lightning Guided Product Selector. 

See Display Custom Fields on Page Layout for the steps to display custom fields in the product table.

Display Custom Fields on Product Catalog Pages

Custom fields can be added to the create and edit pages in Salesforce Product Catalog. The custom fields on the following objects are supported:

  • Product
  • Product Option
  • Product Rate Plan
  • Product Rate Plan Option
  • Product Rate Plan Charge
  • Product Rate Plan Charge Option

Use Primary Quote in Opportunity TCV Calculation

A new option was added to TCV Rollup Method in Zuora Config to calculate the opportunity TCV using the TCV of the primary quote. 

Another new option, Enforce Single Primary Quote, was added to Quote Configuration Settings in Zuora Config to enforce a single primary quote per opportunity.

Enhancements in Zuora Rules Engine

Zuora Rules Engine is in Limited Availability. If you wish to have access to the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support

Export and Import Rules

You can export or import Zuora rules and related objects when you migrate rule from an existing Salesforce org to a clean Salesforce org.

See Export and Import Zuora Rules for the process to export or import rules.

Enhanced Removable Option In Add Product Rules

To support the rules engine to add optional products, more options were added in the Removable Behavior field in the Add Product rules configuration.

See Create Zuora Rules for setting the Removable Behavior option for the Add Product rules.

Zuora Rules Engine Performance Enhancement

Zuora Rules Engine was tuned to offer significantly improved performance.

Select Multiple Rate Plans in Guided Selling

In the Lightning Guided Product Selector, you can select multiple rate plans for standalone products. This feature is configurable in Advanced Quoting Configuration Settings in Zuora Config.

New Quote Template for Bundling Support

The new Quote PDF template now supports the updated Bundling nested table. This change was made to reflect a new Bundling data model in Zuora Quotes. To use the new Bundling nested table in Quote PDF documents, you must upgrade your Zuora Quotes package to version 7.3.

Resolved Issues

The 7.3 release includes the following resolved issues.

Error Creating an Amendment Quote when a feature is on Subscription

Now, the values in the String type custom fields on the Feature object are converted to the Number type custom field in Zuora Quotes.

Product Catalog Sync from Salesforce to Zuora Returns an Error with Rate Plans in Multiple Currencies

With the Enable Bundling setting turned on, an error returned when a multi-currency rate plan containing the following charge types was synchronized from Salesforce to Zuora:

  • Usage overage
  • Tiered with overage

The charges do in fact Sync even though the sync says it fails.

Rules Can Now Update List Price on Usage Charges

When a rule was set up to update the List Price on a Usage charge, the field was not updated.

Discount Updated Correctly when List Price Changed

When a charge has an initial List Price of $0, the Discount field was set as not editable and stayed as not editable even after the List Price is updated to a non-zero price by a rule.

Now the overridden List Price is used, instead of the List Price of the Product Rate Plan Charge, to determine whether a Discount is editable.

Ability to Add a Rate Plan to an Existing Salesforce Product

When the Enable Bundling setting was enabled and Zuora Quotes supported the Product Catalog in Salesforce, you received an error when creating a rate plan for a product that previously existed in the Salesforce product catalog. 

Now you can sync the Zuora Product Catalog, enable the Bundling, and add rate plans to the products regardless whether the product was synchronized from Zuora or created in Salesforce.

Maintenance Release 7.31

The 7.31 release includes the following resolved issues.

Add Products Button Redirecting to Quote Detail Page

The Save button in Enhanced Guided Selling now takes you to the Product Selector page in the Quote Wizard. The updated navigation helps you especially in the amendment quoting flow to easily review your product selection and update products.

Product Rate Plan Name Change Caused the Wrong Product Rate Plan Shown on Quotes

In the amendment quoting flow, rate plan names were queried from the product catalog instead of from the products in the base subscription. When a rate plan name changed in the product catalog, the wrong rate plan name was shown in the amendment quoting flow.

Now the rate plan id is used to query subscription rate plans to prevent the issue.

UI Changes

The August 2016 release (R203) of Zuora features the name changes for product contents. The corresponding changes were made in Zuora Quotes as below:

  • The Send to Z-Billing button was re-labeled to Send to Zuora.
  • Zuora Config settings referring to "Z-Billing" were renamed to use "Zuora".

Developer-facing items, such as custom objects, and custom fields, Visualforce Pages, components, classes, and global methods, remain unchanged.

Maintenance Release 7.32

The 7.32 release includes the following resolved issue and other operational fixes.

Rules Engine Error Does Not Stop Quote Creation Workflow

In Quotes 7.31, a user was able to create a quote and send it to Zuora despite a validation error from the rules engine. Now, when there is a rules validation error, a user cannot proceed with the quote flow.

Maintenance Release 7.40

The 7.40 release includes the following new features, enhancements, and resolved issues.

See Upgrade Zuora Quotes to Version 7.40 for required steps to upgrade to this version.

Support for Zuora Multi-entity

This feature is in Limited Availability. If you wish to have access to the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support

Zuora Quotes and Zuora 360 support multiple entities in Zuora. Each quote is now created and managed for a specific entity. 

  • In Zuora Quotes, the following features can now be segmented by entity.
    • Default Value Settings
    • Quote Templates
    • Invoice Templates
    • Communication Profiles
  • Zuora 360 keeps a record of Zuora entities in the synchronized Accounts and Product Catalog data.

Refer to Zuora Multi-entity for the features supported in Zuora Multi-entity.

Currently, multi-entity and bundling cannot be enabled in the same Zuora CPQ org.

Zuora Quotes Connection Settings Support Multiple Zuora Entities

When the Enable Multi-Entity setting is enabled, you connect one Salesforce org to one or more Zuora entities. The entities share the same login credentials within an organization.

See Support Zuora Multi-entity in Zuora CPQ for enabling the setting and using Zuora Connection Settings to test connections to all entities.

Data Model Changes

The following objects and fields were updated to support Zuora Multi-entity.

Package Object Change
Zuora Quotes Billing Entity A new custom object added
Zuora Quotes



Product (Salesforce object)

Communication Profile

Invoice Template

Unit Of Measure

Quote Template

Hosted Page Settings

Payment Pages Settings

Billing Entity lookup field added
Zuora Quotes Product (Salesforce object)

SKU (zqu__SKU__c) field deprecated

SKU (zqu__SKU2__c) field added

Zuora 360

Billing Account

Payment Gateway

Payment Method

Payment Term

Product (Salesforce object)

Product Rate Plan

Product Rate Plan Charge

Product Rate Plan Charge Tier

Unit Of Measure

Entity ID field added


A New Global Method in zQuoteUtil

A global method, zQuoteUtil.getEntityConfigInformation, was added to the zQuoteUtil class. The new global method retrieves the entity-specific Zuora Config Settings.

See zQuoteUtil.getEntityConfigInformation Method for information about the new global method.

Global Plugin for Entity Selection

You can use the new ISelectEntityPlugin plugin to customize the entity selection logic in your quoting process.

See SelectEntity Component for more information about the component and the plugin.

Additional Term Period Types Supported in Zuora Quotes

Now you can specify a quote term type when creating or updating a quote. The following term period types are supported:

  • Month
  • Day
  • Week
  • Year 

On new subscription quotes, specify Period Types for Initial Term and Renewal Term.

On amendment quotes, specify Period Types for Current Term and Renewal Term.

See Display Subscription Term Period Type Fields for the steps to add the new term period type fields to your quoting flow.

Display Quote Charge Detail Metrics on the Quote Documents

Now the Quote Templates include the Quote Charge Detail information. The information is available from Zuora and contains all the charge level billing metrics from Zuora for all amendment types:

  • MRR
  • TCV
  • Delta MRR
  • Delta TCV
  • Billing Total
  • Billing Discount
  • Billing Tax
  • Billing SubTotal

Entity IDs Use UUID

The Entity Ids, namely EntityID and ParentEntityID, on the Entity object now use the 32-character UUID.

If you are upgrading from the Version 7.2+ of Zuora Quotes, you need to perform both the Product Catalog Sync and the Accounts and Related Objects Sync to sync over the new Entity ID values to the corresponding object fields in Zuora CPQ.

Billing Account and Quote Type Selector Enhancements

The Billing Account Selector was made configurable with a new plugin on the SelectBillingAccount component. The new ICustomizeBillingAccountPlugin plugin supports the following customization:

  • For billing account selection
    • Set the default billing account type to New or Existing 
    • Filter billing accounts
    • Set the default billing account
    • Control whether users can change the default billing account
  • For quote type selection
    • Set the default quote type
    • Control whether users can change the default quote type
    • Set the default subscription being amended, renewed, or canceled
    • Control whether users can change the default subscription

See SelectBillingAccount Component for the information about the Customize Billing Account Plugin and sample codes.

Remove Product Amendment Metrics Supported in Quote Charge Summary

Now the charge level metrics for the Remove Product amendments are available in Quote PDF documents via the Quote Charge Summary object.

Unify Guided Selling and Product Selector Pages

The Guided Selling and Product Selector Visualforce pages were unified into one Visualforce page via the new EditQuoteProduct component. In Quote Wizard Settings, you can optionally replace the existing Guided Selling and Product Selector pages with the new EditQuoteProducts page to simplify the Quote Wizard setup process.

See Quote Wizard Settings for the details steps to add or remove pages and steps.

See EditQuoteProduct Component for the new EditQuoteProduct component and the EditQuoteProducts page.

Discount Charge Metrics

With the enhancement in Zuora, now the billing metrics for discount charges are included in the Quote Charge Detail, the Quote Rate Plan Charge, and the Quote Charge Summary objects.

In addition, a new Zuora Quote Configuration setting was added to control whether Discount charge metrics will be aggregated on the Discount line item or be spread out to the various other charges that it affects. See Quote Configuration Settings for more information on the new Enable Billing Discount Distribution setting.

The enhanced discount charge metrics requires Zuora Config Connection Settings to use the Version 80+ of Zuora WSDL.

Get Subscriptions from Zuora 360

A new Zuora Config setting was added to retrieve subscription information from the synchronized and stored records in Zuora 360. With this option, you can manage custom fields on the Subscription, Subscription Rate Plan, or Subscription Rate Plan Charge in the Quote Type Selector.

See Quote Configuration Settings for configuring the new Get Subscriptions from 360 setting.

Default Rate Plan for Product

Now you can assign the default rate plan for a product.

When you set a product rate plan to be the default on the Edit Product Rate Plan Detail page in the Product tab, the rate plan will be automatically selected when the product is selected. Your users are no longer required to select a rate plan during the quoting process.

The default rate plan is supported only in Lightning Guided Product Selector.

Multiple Address Lines in Salesforce Sent to Zuora Address Fields

Now the contact address field in Salesforce is properly displayed in Zuora UI without the carriage return character. Multiple line addresses in Salesforce are split into two lines and stored in Zuora, the first line in Address 1 and the second line in Address 2.

If there are more than two lines for an Address, those address values in the third line and beyond will be ignored.

Enhanced Support for Salesforce Translation Workbench in Zuora Quotes 

The labels in Zuora Quotes were enhanced to be accessible in Translation Workbench. 

You should change your language setting, first, in your Salesforce setting, and then export your translation file.

The following limitations apply.

  • Picklist values in Zuora Quotes cannot be translated.
  • Guided Selling Flows and Steps cannot be translated as they are user inputs. You need to input translated values while creating the flows and steps.
  • Logical operators, such as AND and OR, cannot be translated in the translation file. 
  • The record type labels should not be translated and left with the default values. 

Maintenance Release 7.42

The 7.42 release includes the following resolved issue and other internal fixes.

Unable to Create Amendments in Multi-Entity

The length of the ChargeNumber field on the Quote Charge Summary object was increased to accommodate the ability to change the Charge Number prefix in Multi-Entity.

Maintenance Release 7.43

The 7.43 release includes the following enhancements, resolved issues, and other internal fixes.

See Zuora Quotes Upgrade Guide for the required steps to upgrade to this version.

New Options to Bill Subscribers Weekly

Now you can bill subscribers weekly or every few weeks in addition to the currently available billing periods, such as monthly increments, quarterly, annually.

  • A new Weekly Bill Cycle Day field was added to the Quote Rate Plan Charge and Product Rate Plan Charge objects.

  • A global attribute, WEEKLY_BILL_CYCLE_DAY, was added to the zCharge object. Use this field to set weekly billing programmatically.

Add the following fields to the Product Selector page layout for your quoting users to view and update the values at the charge level. See Display Billing Period Type Fields in Product Selector for the steps.

  • Bill Cycle Day
  • Bill Cycle Type
  • Billing Period Alignment
  • List Price Base
  • Weekly Billing Cycle Day


The following features will be available starting in the November 2016 release (Release 206) of Zuora:

  • Syncing the Weekly Bill Cycle Day field on Product Rate Plan Charge and Subscription Rate Plan Charge from Zuora
  • Syncing the billing period type of Specific Weeks


The Charge Level Metrics for One-time Charges in Update and Remove Product Amendments

Quote Charge Summary now supports one-time charges in Update and Remove Product Amendments and Renewals. You can use the Quote Charge Summary to present the charge level metrics for one-time charges in Quote PDF documents.

Opportunity Id Available in Customize Billing Account Plugin

The Customize Billing Account plugin on the SelectBillingAccount component exposes the Opportunity Id of the account.

See SelectBillingAccount Component for a sample code that uses the Opportunity Id field in the plugin.

A Zuora Config Setting to Control Duplicate Subscription Check

An option was added to prevent duplicate subscriptions created for the same quote number when a quote is sent to Zuora.

When the Enable Unique Subscription Quote Number setting is selected in Quote Configuration Settings, the quote number is checked for uniqueness when a quote is sent to Zuora. When the setting is not selected, the uniqueness check is disabled.

See Quote Configuration Settings for detail about this setting and other quote configuration settings.

Sync of Multiple Zuora Entities to Multiple Salesforce Orgs

Additional configurations were tested and certified between Zuora CPQ and Zuora in the Zuora Multi-entity environment:

  • Multiple Zuora entities synchronizing to one Salesforce org
  • One Zuora entity synchronizing to one Salesforce org 

Maintenance Release 7.44

The 7.44 release includes the enhancement described in this section as well as other internal fixes.

Complete Support for Weekly Billing

The fields to support weekly billing in Zuora are now synchronized to Zuora Quotes. 

Additional picklist values were added to the Product Rate Plan Charge (zqu__ProductRatePlanCharge__c) object and the values are synchronized with the values from the ProductRatePlanCharge object in Zuora.

The table below lists the changes.

Product Rate Plan Charge Field in Zuora CPQ Picklist Values Added

Weekly Bill Cycle Day


  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

Billing Period


  • Week
  • Specific Weeks

Bill Cycle Type


  • Specific Day of Week

List Price Base


  • Per Week

See Sync Field Mapping of Product Catalog Related Objects for detail mapping information.