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Overview of Zuora CPQ for Salesforce


Overview of Zuora CPQ for Salesforce

Zuora strongly recommends upgrading your Zuora Quotes package to the latest version at least once per quarter. This practice ensures that you stay current, up to date, and mitigates the risk of any potential Salesforce Platform changes that could lead to incompatibility with older versions of the Zuora Quotes package.


Zuora Quotes is a native Salesforce application that lets you create Zuora accounts and manage subscriptions, amendments, and renewals in Salesforce. With Zuora Quotes, your sales teams can easily build customer-ready quotes, using your Zuora subscription catalog, and send the resulting accounts and subscriptions immediately to Zuora for invoicing and subscription management.

Zuora Quotes is the only CPQ solution purpose-built for subscriptions. It allows you to easily guide your sales reps through the most complex deal. With Zuora Quotes, your sales reps can handle a mixed bag of different contract durations, charge models, billing frequencies, and bookings metrics within one quote.

In the Zuora Quotes workflow, a quote involves:

  • A customer account
  • An optional opportunity linked to that customer
  • A quote, linked to the opportunity or to the customer account, which contains the details of a proposed subscription including a catalog product, a rate plan, and one or more rate plan charges which can be edited

The quote page displays all this information plus the MRR and TCV of the proposed contract. Zuora Quotes can create a PDF version of the quote, formatted and styled for your company. When a deal is reached, clicking a button sends the quote to Zuora, which creates a corresponding subscription and manages it from that point forward - invoicing, collecting payment, auto-renewal, etc. 

With the addition of Zuora 360, a must-have package, you can complete the circle by synchronizing the resulting customer and invoice data back to Salesforce.

The following are highlights of Zuora Quotes:

Configure a deal fit for the enterprise

  • Configure On One Screen - Quote for a new subscription, extend the terms & conditions of the contract, transfer ownership, cancel and more
  • Multi-Year Arrangements - Book complex multi-part deal arrangement over any time period and ramp up any variation of quantity, price, or swap out different products
  • Rules Engine - Control your quoting experience with fully configurable rules that automatically add, remove, or update your products based on your business needs

Leverage pricing strategies to maximize customer lifetime value

  • Mix and Match Charge Models - Combine any variation of one-time, recurring, or usage-based charges to optimize your pricing
  • Tailor Price By Customer - Add and remove volume tiers, apply discounts, switch from flat fee to per unit directly in the quoting flow
  • Multi-Currency - Price in over 180+ currencies around the world without proliferating your product catalog with redundant SKUs
  • Plan-Based Product Catalog - Create endless options for monthly, annual, promotional, or discounted price plans per product

Proactively quote for the subscriber experience

  • Contract Utilization - Monitor how much of the contracted volume each customer has used to find new volume upsell opportunities
  • Usage Intensity - Measure how heavily each customer is using your product compared to others to find new cross-sell opportunities
  • Churn Probability - Use machine learning algorithms to tell you a subscriber’s churn probability and decompose the probability into the underlying causes of churn
  • Engagement Score - Trend each customer’s level of engagement to find opportunities to extend the terms of their contract

Forecast bookings with ease and accuracy

  • MRR - Measure sales and cash flow dynamics with the amount paid monthly for a subscription and predict future monthly revenue
  • TCB - Tracks billed versus unbilled revenue and ensures your order management processes are primed for the new ASC 606 / IFRS 15 revenue standards
  • TCV - Measures the value a customer has committed to you so you can plan expenditures and manage the growth of your business


At present, Zuora Quotes does not have the capability to pause or restart quotes. Nevertheless, we are actively engaged in developing this feature for our customers and anticipate its availability in the near future.

Zuora CPQ: Success With Subscriptions On

Subscription businesses that use Salesforce for Sales and Customer Support face some unique challenges

1 Product managers can't price and package the right way Your business wants to roll out free trials and time based promotions, they want to introduce pricing plans that include charges with varying billing frequencies, they want to create usage and overage based pricing plans and more. But your Salesforce product catalog is unable to support these pricing models.
2 It's hard to nurture the complete subscriber lifecycle Beyond initial subscription sign-ups, sales reps cannot support the ongoing life cycle of upgrades, add-ons, renewals and more.
3 No visibility into billing and payment information Sales and service teams don't have relevant billing and payment information at their fingertips when interacting with customers.
4 You're unable to get the metrics you need You are increasingly measuring the health of your business using both traditional financial metrics alongside subscription operational metrics such as MRR, TCV, churn and renewal rates, but you are unable to get these metrics from Salesforce.
5 Sales and billing processes aren't tightly integrated  

Zuora CPQ lets you sell and nurture subscriptions without breaking your sales and customer care processes

Zuora CPQ provides two native applications: Quotes to enable direct assisted sales of your subscription offerings, and 360 Sync to provide full visibility in Salesforce into key Subscriber activity and into opportunities that exist to foster deeper subscriber relationships. In addition, we offer a robust Zuora Developer Kit of custom components, classes and APIs to enable sales administrators to build custom subscription flows and use cases in Salesforce.

.Zuora for Salesforce Workflow


Zuora CPQ provides the following benefits

z-finance-accountingPeriods-03.pngSubscription Pricing & Packaging: Leverage over 30 one time, recurring and usage-based charge models in our product catalog to price and package for any subscription growth strategy.

z-finance-chartOfAccounts-10.pngOne-Click Quote To Cash: Seamlessly send quotes from Salesforce to Zuora, so recurring invoicing and cash collections can begin immediately and automatically

z-finance-trialbalance-01.pngSubscription Lifecycle Quoting: Create quotes not only for new subscriptions but also for the full lifecycle of upgrades, renewals, add-ons, cancelations and more. z-finance-ARAging-09.pngComplete Subscriber Visibility: Arm your sales and service teams with up-to-the-minute information on key subscriber billing activity, including invoice, payment and refund histories, and more.
z-finance-revenueRecognition-04.pngLine-item Pricing Flexibility: Close deals more rapidly by enabling sales reps to apply price, quantity, discount, and subscription term changes within a quote. z-finance-accountingLockdown-08.pngPackaged Subscription Reports: Run your business more efficiently with our 11 pre-packaged subscription reports, as well as the ability to create your own ad-hoc reports.
img-09.pngReal Time Subscription Metrics: View the full financial impact of a quote with real time subscription metrics like discounts, monthly recurring revenue (MRR), and total contract value (TCV). img-10.pngPoint-and-Click Configuration: Rapidly build custom quoting flows that your reps will love, since Zuora CPQ leverages the full power of the point-and-click platform.
img-06.pngConfigurable Quote Templates: Present prospects with accurate and easy-to-understand quote PDF documents, complete with your own branding and look-and-feel. img-05.pngFull Custom Field Support: Fully leverage your own custom fields within your quoting flow, and specify which fields should sync from Salesforce to Zuora.
img-12.pngSecure Electronic Payment Capture: Accelerate cash collections by capturing credit cards and other electronic payment methods directly within a quoting flow. img-04.pngComprehensive API Library: For more complex subscription workflows, rules or other customizations, utilize our comprehensive API library built specifically for