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Add Users to Package License


Add Users to Package License

This article describes how to add users to a package license. 

Please note this only applies to Salesforce Orgs that do not have Quotes already installed. 

Salesforce Orgs that have an existing Quotes installation will continue to be Site-licensed.

Starting from the 9.0 release, Zuora Quotes will install to new Orgs as user-based licensing and users should be added to the package as licensed users to get access. See Managing Licenses for Installed Packages for more information about managing user licenses.

To add a user to a package license:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Installed Packages
  2. On the Installed Packages page, navigate to the Manage Licenses link next to the Zuora Quotes package.
  3. On the Package Details page, click the Add Users button.
  4. On the Add Users page:
    1. In the Available Users list, select the users that you are to add to the package license by selecting the checkboxes before the usernames. The selected users will appear in the Selected Users list.
    2. Click Add to add the selected users to the package license.

    Alternatively, you can click the Add All Users button to grant licenses to everyone listed in the Available Users list.