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Identify versions


Identify versions

This article describes how to check the versions of Zuora CPQ packages you have installed in your Salesforce organization. 

Current Zuora CPQ versions

The current versions of Zuora CPQ packages are listed on the version information page. Zuora CPQ upgrades generally follow a quarterly release cycle. All current Zuora CPQ users are notified via email when new managed packages are available.

For instructions on upgrading to the latest version, see Upgrading Zuora Quotes or Upgrading Zuora 360. If you are not using Zuora CPQ but would like to learn more, contact Zuora Sales.

Check versions in Quote Configuation Settings

If you have Zuora Quotes version 5.100 or higher, you can check the installed versions of the Zuora Quotes and Zuora 360 packages in Zuora Quotes. Complete the following steps to  check the Zuora CPQ versions in Quote Configuration Settings:

  1. In Salesforce, click the Zuora Config tab.
  2. Click Quote Configuration Settings.

On the Quote Configuration Settings page, the installed versions appear in the Zuora Package Installation Status section.

Check versions in the Salesforce Setup Menu

Complete the following steps to see the installed versions of Zuora CPQ packages:

  1. In Salesforce, navigate to Setup > App Setup > Deploy > View Installed Packages.
  2. Click a package name to see more information about the package, such as package name, version name, version number, first installed version number, and package type.

If you cannot see App Setup as a link after going to Setup, you might not have permission to view that page. Please contact your Salesforce administrator for assistance. 

Helpful information for support requests

When contacting Zuora Support about an issue related to Zuora CPQ or about upgrading, provide the following information about your current package and, if applicable, the package to which you would like to upgrade:

  • Package name
  • Version name
  • Version number
  • First installed version number
  • Package type