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Limits in Zuora Quotes


Limits in Zuora Quotes

This article describes the limits that exist in Zuora Quotes for performance considerations when you configure and use Zuora Quotes.  Note that limits can exist as a result of both the Salesforce platform and as a result of Zuora APIs.  This article will attempt to describe both hard limits, beyond which processing is not possible, and soft limits, beyond which processing is still possible, but performance is severely degraded.

A number of factors can contribute to increased latency in Zuora Quotes: customizations, complexity of products, the volume of data in your org, the number of custom fields, Salesforce server performance.

The most likely limit to hit is the CPU Timeout limit. The three factors that are most likely to contribute to this limit:

  • Complexity of products
    A plan with one flat-fee charge is low complexity. A plan with multiple tiered charges is more complex. There are also cases where this can reach a Heap Space limit, for example, if a single charge has thousands of tiers.
  • Logic of customizations
    This is the biggest variable. If there are registered plugins, triggers or other custom logic, it increases the amount of time that the page takes.
  • Complexity of the Salesforce org
    There are certain System calls in Apex that perform more slowly depending on how many custom fields and objects are in the Salesforce org. In extreme examples, this can be significant. For example, a call to retrieve schema can take 100x longer than normal in an org with a high number of custom objects and fields,

The following limits exist in the Quote Product Selectors:

The below table lists example Product Selector load time, Apex heap size, and the Apex CPU time in a sample Salesforce org. The numbers were generated in Version 8.6 of Zuora Quotes.

The actual limits and performance will be affected by various factors in your Zuora Quotes org as listed above.

Quote Type # Rate Plans # Charges # Tiers

Load Time
Product Selector


Apex Heap Size


Apex CPU Time


New Subscription 8 8 1600

15 - 20


New Subscription 9 9 1800


Apex heap size too large

7302463 n/a
New Subscription 198 198 400 35 - 40



New Subscription 200 200 - 35 - 45



New Subscription 225 225 - 40 - 50



New Subscription 250 * *

Save Button disabled



New Subscription 260 260 520


Apex heap size too large

6238769 n/a
New Subscription 270 270 -


Apex heap size too large

6173653 5725
Amendment 7 7 1400 20 - 30



Amendment 8 8 1600


Apex heap size too large

6895229 n/a
Amendment 99 99 200 30 - 35


Amendment 175 175 -


Apex heap size too large

6238769 n/a