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Enable Rules Engine


Enable Rules Engine

Take the following steps to enable Zuora Rules Engine:

  1. Install and configure the Zuora Quotes packageThe Zuora Rules Engine is offered as part of the Zuora Quotes package. 
  2. In Advanced Quoting Configuration Settings in Zuora Config, select Enable Rules Engine.
  3. In Advanced Quoting Configuration Settings in Zuora Config, review and set the below rules engine settings:
    • Enable Force Recalculation 
    • Enable Real Time Rule Calculation
    • Display Rules Engine Change Logs
  4. Add users to the permission set
  5. Add the following tabs in Salesforce: Rules, Filter Conditions, Calculated Values.

To allow the rules to be used on the Quote Studio page, you must enable the Rules Engine for Quote Studio setting under Zuora Config > Quote Studio Settings > Admin Config.

Add Users to the Rules Engine Permission Set

The Zuora Rules Engine package provides a Salesforce permission set with the permissions required to run Zuora Rules Engine.

Assign the Zuora Rules End User permission set to the users who will use Zuora Rules Engine. See Assign Permission Sets to a User if you need a detail instruction.

Add Migrate Button to Rules List View

To use the rules export and import features introduced in Zuora Quotes V. 7.3, add the Migrate button to the Rules search layout when you upgrade from an earlier version.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Objects > Rule.
  2. In the Search Layouts section, click Edit next to Rules List View.
  3. In the Custom Buttons section, move Migrate from the Available Buttons list to Selected Buttons list.
  4. Click Save.