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Configure Quote Studio field editability based on quote type


Configure Quote Studio field editability based on quote type

CPQ X allows you to do the following Quote Studio field configuration based on the supported quote type - new subscription quote, amendment quote, renewal quote or cancellation quote:

  • Hide fields
  • Set read-only fields
  • Disable fields to be updated

To configure a field based on quote type:

  1. In your Salesforce org, navigate to Zuora Config > Quote Studio Settings > Object Fields Config.
  2. Move your cursor to the field in the Object + Field column. The Browse and Select Field dialog opens.
  3. Select one of the following objects in the left pane, then the labels of all available fields on this object are displayed in the right pane:
    • Quote
    • Quote Rate Plan
    • Quote Rate Plan Charge
    • Quote Charge Tier
    • Quote Amendment
    • Subscription
  4. In the right pane, select the field you want to configure.
  5. Click Select. Then the selected field entry is added to the table.
  6. Select one of the properties for this field from the dropdown list for the New, Renew, Amend, and Cancel quote. The following options are available:
    • None: With this option selected, clears the chosen behavior (Read Only, Disabled, or Hidden) without deleting the field entry.
    • Read Only: With this option selected, the field value is a read-only value that is automatically populated by system.
    • Disabled: With this option selected, the field is displayed in the disabled mode and does not allow for updating.
    • Hidden: With this option selected, the field is not displayed in the quote creation page of the selected quote type.
  7. (Optional) Enter the filter criteria to apply the configuration to those object fields. For more information, see Understanding Filter Criteria.
  8. (Optional) To define user profiles for the selected Object/Field, enable Apply to Specific Profiles toggle and select the User profiles. 
  9. (Optional) Click icon_add_2 to add configure a new field, or click icon_remove to remove a field configuration.
  10. Click Save to save the configuration.

Understanding Filter Criteria

Filter criteria in Objects Field Config are a set of conditions that you can apply to specific fields within an object. By defining these conditions, you can set how the selected field in "OBJECT + FIELD" behaves during various quoting processes. This feature provides flexibility in customizing your quoting experience according to your unique requirements.

For example, you can set the "Quantity" field in the "Quote Rate Plan charge" object as Read-Only when creating a new quote and as Hidden when creating an amendment quote (and potentially extended to renewal and cancellation quotes based on specific requirements), specifically when the Discount percentage equals 20.

Note that you can define user profiles for the selected Object in the filter criteria feature, enable “Apply to Specific Profiles toggle” and select the User profiles.

The table provided below illustrates the filter criteria's available objects when a specific object is selected in the "OBJECT + FIELD." This is because selecting a parent object prompts the filter criteria to display both the parent and all its child objects.

Selected object in "OBJECT + FIELD” Available object in filter criteria
Quote Quote, Account, and Opportunity
Quote Rate Plan Quote Rate Plan, Quote, Account, and Opportunity
Quote Rate Plan Charge Quote Rate Plan Charge, Quote Rate Plan, Quote, Account, and Opportunity
Quote Charge Tier Quote Charge Tier, Quote Rate Plan Charge, Quote Rate Plan, Quote, Account, and Opportunity
Quote Amendment Quote Amendment, Quote, Account, and Opportunity
Quote Ramp Interval Quote, Account, and Opportunity
Subscription No filter criteria

Currently, filter conditions cannot be applied to the Subscription object.

Example use case

To illustrate the functionality of filter criteria, let's consider a practical example.


You want to make the "Quantity" field within the "Quote Rate Plan charge" object Read-Only when creating a new quote and Hidden when creating an amendment when the Discount percentage is equal to 20.

How to achieve this

  1. Object + Field Configuration
    • OBJECT + FIELD: Select the field you want to configure. In this case, choose "Quote Rate Plan charge" as the object and "Quantity" as the field.
    • New Quote: Set to "Read Only".
    • AMEND QUOTE: Set to "Hidden".
  2. Filter Criteria Configuration
    • Product Field: Select the field you want to apply the filter criteria to. In this case, choose "Quote Rate Plan charge" as the object and "Discount Percentage" as the field.
    • Operator: Choose the comparison operator that defines the condition. For our example, select "equals".
    • Field or Value: Specify whether you want to compare the field to another field or a specific value. In our case, we want to compare it to a specific value, so choose "value".
    • Value: Enter the value that you want to compare against. For our example, set the value to 20.


Now, when creating or editing a quote with a Discount Percentage of 20 in the "Quote Rate Plan charge" object, the "Quantity" field will automatically be set to read-only for new quotes and hidden for amendment quotes. This ensures that the specified condition is met, and you can enforce your business rules seamlessly.

Benefits of filter criteria

  • Customization: Tailor the quoting process to align with your unique business needs and rules.
  • Data Consistency: Ensure that your data remains accurate and consistent by automating specific actions based on predefined criteria.
  • Error Reduction: Minimize errors by restricting or enabling certain field actions only under the conditions you set.
  • Efficiency: Streamline workflows and decision-making processes by automating field behaviors according to your requirements.

Best Practices

  1. To optimize performance, Quote Studio holds a limited set of fields for each object. For instance:
    • For the Quote Object, all fields present in the fieldsets are queried.
    • For the Opportunity Object, only the Id and Name fields are queried, and no fieldset is currently available for Opportunity.
  2. To use any field in the filter criteria, ensure they are added to any fieldsets of the respective object. This allows the fields to be queried in the Quote Studio, enabling the application of filter criteria.

  3. In the case of the Opportunity Object, if you need to set conditions for any custom fields, you can achieve this by creating a custom formula field on the Quote that references the Opportunity Object.

Validation checks

The following validation checks prevent you from creating duplicate data:

  1. You cannot save duplicate settings containing the same OBJECT + FIELD. The following warning pop-up will appear if you create duplicate entries and click Save.

  1. You cannot save the data when OBJECT + FIELD is defined, but no properties are associated with any of the quote journeys (e.g., new, amend, renew, cancel). The following warning pop-up will appear if you click Save with no properties defined.