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ComponentManager Class


ComponentManager Class

This article describes the ComponentManager class that is used to implement component registration in Zuora Quotes.

ComponentManager Class Properties

You use the ComponentManager class to register your custom implementation of components or retrieve information about existing component plug-ins.

The ComponentManager class includes the following properties.

Property Type Description
CREATE_QUOTE_COMPONENT String CreateQuote component type constant
HOSTED_PAGE_COMPONENT String HostedPage component type constant
LIST_COMPONENT String ListComponent component type constant
LOOKUP_COMPONENT String LookupComponent component type constant
NOTIFICATION_COMPONENT String Notification component type constant
PROPERTY_COMPONENT String PropertyComponent component type constant
QUOTE_PREVIEW_COMPONENT String QuotePreview component type constant
SELECT_BILLING_ACCOUNT_COMPONENT String SelectBillingAccount component type constant
SELECT_PRODUCT_COMPONENT String SelectProduct component type constant
STATUS_MODAL_COMPONENT String StatusModal component type constant
ZCHARGE_GROUP_COMPONENT String zChargeGroup component type constant
ZSELECT_TABLE_COMPONENT String zSelectTable component type constant
ICANCEL_PLUGIN String ICancelPlugin constant
ICREATE_ORDER_PLUGIN String ICreateOrderPlugin constant
IEXCEPTION_PLUGIN String IExeptionPlugin constant
IFILTER_PLUGIN String IFilterPlugin constant
IGO_BACK_PLUGIN String IGoBackPlugin constant
IPOPULATE_VALUE_PLUGIN String IPopulateValuePlugin constant
IPOST_UPDATE_PLUGIN String IPostUpdatePlugin constant
IQUERY_PLUGIN String IQueryPlugin constant
IRELATED_OBJECT_PLUGIN String IRelatedObjectPlugin constant
ISELECTION_PLUGIN String ISelectPlugin constant
IUPDATE_PLUGIN String IUpdatePlugin constant
IUPDATE_PROPERTY_PLUGIN String IUpdatePropertyPlugin constant
LIST_FILTER_ADMIN_PLUGIN String ListFilterAdminPlugin constant
INTERFACES MAP Plug-in interface map constant
NAMESPACE_PREFIX String Namespace prefix
VALID_CLASS_NAME_PATTERN String Pattern string for valid class name check
VISUAL_TAG_PREFIX String Namespace prefix

ComponentManager Global Methods

The ComponentManager class includes the following global methods:

  • getAssociatedPlugins
  • getComponents
  • getPluginClassName
  • registerComponent
  • registerPlugin
  • unregisterComponent


The getAssociatedPlugin​s method retrieves all plug-ins associated with a given registered component name and returns them as a map of key-value strings where the key contains a plugin name and the value contains the plugin class name.


static MAP  getAssociatedPlugins(String componentName)

Input Parameters
  • componentName - The unique component name with which you are retrieving associated plug-ins 


The getComponents method returns a list of all registered components for a given component type.


static SET getComponents(String componentType)

Input Parameters
  • componentType​ - One of the global constants listed in isted in ComponentManager Properties, e.g., ComponentManager.LIST_COMPONENT


The getPluginClassName method returns the plug-in class name for the given plug-in type associated with the given component name. 


static String getPluginClassName(String componentName, String pluginType)

Input Parameters
  • componentName - The unique name under which the component has been registered
  • pluginType - The plug-in type. The value must be one of the plug-in constants listed in ComponentManager Properties, e.g. ​zqu.ComponentManager.IQUERY_PLUGIN.


The registerComponent method registers a component. It returns the operation status, success or fail.


static Boolean registerComponent(String componentType, String componentName)

Input Parameters
  • componentType - The type of the component you are registering. It should be one of the global constants listed in ComponentManager Properties, e.g., ComponentManager.LIST_COMPONENT
  • componentName - The unique component name you are registering


The registerPlugin method registers a plugin for a given component that is already registered. It returns the operation status, success or fail.


static Boolean registerPlugin
​   (String componentType, String componentName, String pluginType, String pluginClassName)

Input Parameters
  • componentType - The type of the component you are registering. It should be one of the global constants listed in ComponentManager Properties, e.g., ComponentManager.LIST_COMPONENT​
  • componentName - The component name for which you are registering the plug-in
  • pluginName - The plugin name for the component. 


The unregisterComponent method unregisters the specified component and all related plug-ins of the component. It returns the operation status, success or fail.


static Boolean unregisterComponent(String componentName)

Input Parameters
  • componentName - Name of the component you want to un-register