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zQuoteUtil.getEntityConfigInformation Method


zQuoteUtil.getEntityConfigInformation Method

The getEntityConfigInformation method returns all configuration settings for a specific entity.

This feature is in Limited Availability. If you want to have access to the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support

The method signature is:

Map <zqu.ZuoraEntityConfiguration, Object>

   getEntityConfigInformation (String entityId)

The return value is a Map where the keys are members of the global ZuoraEntityConfiguration enum. See the table below for the supported keys. You need to cast each value to the explicit types defined below.

Supported Key Types

You can use the following types of keys to get the value of a specific field in Zuora Config for a specific entity.

Key Type Description
Default_Auto_Renew Checkbox Enable to default new termed subscriptions to Auto-Renew.
Default_Allow_Invoice_Edit Checkbox Enable to allow Invoice Editing in Zuora when the Billing Account is created.
Default_Batch Text (50) Set the default value for the Batch field.
Default_Bill_Cycle_Day Text (100) Set the default value for the Bill Cycle Day field.
Default_Calculate_Quote_Metrics_Through Text (20) Select how you would like Quote Metrics values to be calculated.If you select the End of Term option, Evergreen Subscription metrics will be calculated for 1 billing period.
Default_Currency Text (50) Set the default value for the Currency field.
Default_Invoice_Delivery_Preferences Text (50) Default Invoice Delivery Preference in Zuora Quotes
Default_Payment_Term Text (50) Set the default value for the Payment Term field.
Default_Subscription_Name Text (80) Set the default value for the Subscription Name when the Quote is sent to Zuora.
Default_Term_Type Text (50) Set the default value for the Subscription Term Type field.
EntityID Text (32) Id of the entity
EntityName Text (100) Name of the Zuora entity
Include_Prefix_In_Quote_Name Checkbox Include Prefix in Quote Name.

Example Code

Map<zqu.ZuoraEntityConfiguration,Object> entityConfigInfo = zqu.zQuoteUtil.getEntityConfigInformation(entityId);
// example usage with casting of generic Object data
String defaultCurrency = (String)entityConfigInfo.get(zqu.ZuoraEntityConfiguration.Default_Currency);
Boolean autoRenew = (Boolean)entityConfigInfo.get(zqu.ZuoraEntityConfiguration.Default_Auto_Renew);