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HostedPage Component


HostedPage Component

The HostedPage component embeds a Zuora hosted page in an iFrame on a Visualforce page. This component allows you to add complex, PCI-compliant Zuora functionality to your application with relatively minimal effort.

The HostedPage component is available in the Versions 5.100 and later of Zuora Quotes.

A newer and improved version of the hosted page component, PaymentPage Component, is available. For new integration project, we recommend you use the PaymentPage component.

See Use Hosted Pages in Visualforce for detail information about embedding a hosted page on a Visualforce page using the HostedPage component.

The Zuora hosted pages are listed in the table below, along with an example of where they are used in Zuora Quotes.

Page type Description Used in

Checkout page

A checkout page lets your customers create a new account, subscribe to a product, and set up a payment method, e.g., a credit card, on a single hosted page.

Payment Method page

A payment method page lets your customers set up a payment method. It is suitable for inserting into a simple or complex workflow.

HostedPage Component Attributes

The HostedPage component has the following attributes.

 Attribute  Required?  Type  Description
controller Yes zqu.ZCheckoutBaseController The controller for the page of this component
hostedPageSettingName Yes     String The unique name of the Hosted Page Configuration Setting. The Hosted Page Configuration Setting can be entered on Hosted Page Settings page on the Zuora Config tab.
id No String An identifier that allows the component to be referenced by other components in the page
includeButtonBar No Boolean

Determines whether the button bar containing  the "Save" and "Cancel" buttons are included in the component.  

For Z-Checkout pages, since the button is already included in the iFrame, you should enter value false. Default is true.

injectedController Yes     zqu.ZCheckoutBaseController The controller for the page of this component  
rendered No Boolean Specifies whether the component is rendered on the page. The default is True.