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Filter Plugin Example


Filter Plugin Example


This article describes the process of creating a sample custom Filter Plugin on the SelectProduct component

Implement a Custom Filter Plugin

This example overrides an existing plugin for a standard component. You will override the IFilterPlugin used in the SelectProduct component

Use the following plugin implementation in this example.

global class SelectProductFilterPlugin implements zqu.SelectProductComponentOptions.IFilterPlugin
   public String getProductSoqlFragment()   
      return ' Name = \'Sample Product\'';    
   public String getRatePlanSoqlFragment()   
      return '';     

To implement a new custom plugin for the SelectProduct component:

  1. Implement the custom plugin by creating a new class using the above code.
  2. Navigate to Zuora Config > Component Registration.
  3. On the Component Registration page, click Edit for the SelectProduct component. 
  4. In the Update component section, enter the plugin class name, SelectProductFilterPlugin, in the Class Name field of the iFilterPlugin.
  5. Click Update.