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Display Subscription Term Period Type Fields


Display Subscription Term Period Type Fields

Starting in Version 7.40, Zuora Quotes supports the following subscription term period types:

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year

To use the term period type fields, you must use the version 80 or later of Zuora WSDL in the API URL field in Zuora Connection Settings. For example:

By default, the term period type fields are not displayed in the quoting flow. Add the fields to the field sets to:

  1. Display the fields in the quoting flow.
  2. Allow your users to enter values in those fields while creating a quote. 
  3. Send the field values to Zuora along with the quote and use them for the new subscription or amendment created in Zuora.

To display the term period type fields and allow users to enter values:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Objects > Quote (in the Zuora for Salesforce Quotes package).
  2. In the Field Sets section, edit each of the below field sets.
    Field Set Quote Type
    zqu__Amend_Edit_Subscription_Terms Amendment and Renewal Quote: Edit - Subscription Terms
    zqu__Amend_Quote_Subscription_Terms Amendment Quote: Subscription Terms Section
    zqu__Detail_Subscription_Terms Quote Detail : Subscription Terms Section
    zqu__Renewal_Quote_Subscription_Terms Renewal Quote: Subscription Terms Section
    zqu__Subscription_Terms New Subscription Quote: Subscription Terms Section
    1. Click Edit for each field set.
    2. Drag and drop the following fields to add the fields to the field set:
      • Initial Term Period Type
      • Renewal Term Period Type
    3. Click Save.